8 modern kitchen surfaces

Leigh Leigh
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The kitchen always requires special attention, especially if we are looking for the best options to choose the ideal surfaces for this space.

Each material has special attributes which makes them appealing such as marble for its durability and popularity, wood for its beautiful rustic finishes and laminates, which are easy to install and quick to clean.

Today, we are going to have a look at 8 modern kitchen surfaces so that you can get a better understanding of the materials out there as well as the possibilities available if you are looking to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. 

Let us take you on a wonderful journey through the world of decor and kitchen design!

1. Choose granite as a fundamental element

It is durable, delicate, bright and beautiful and can find a home in any kitchen!

Use it to coat the surfaces or even for the walls of your kitchen, as we can see in this gorgeous design. It works for just about anything!

The great thing about granite is that it has a range of tones and interacts well with any other materials that you may include in your kitchen.

For counter tops, it's a wonderful material that is trendy and will last for many years! The mixture of colors makes them an interesting, decorative piece that is also very functional.

2. Give your kitchen a special touch with granite

As we can see in this design, you can simply use granite for your counter tops, bringing in a subtle touch. We can also see how the colors and style are different to the design we saw previously.

Granite is one of the best materials to combine with dark wood and stainless steel. As we've mentioned before, it's very durable but it is also very handy when cooking.

From chopping to placing hot pots on it, there are many ways you can take advantage of this highly resistant material.

It also brings a little bit of luxury to your kitchen.

3. Install marble on the walls and counter tops

If you want a very stylish kitchen, this is a great design as we can see by professionals Grupo Architects. It gives this space a very delicate and striking appearance. 

When we talk about counter tops, marble is a common material because it is very functional and is ideal for decorating a space and giving it a more edgy look.

The different shades of this material also complements the kitchen furniture.

The only down side to marble is that it is quite heavy to install and it can absorb liquid stains.

4. Porcelain counter tops for a modern style

You can use porcelain for a kitchen island or for the main counter tops, bringing a very neat and tidy design to the space. 

This material is composed of ceramic parts as well as glass and stone. It is very durable and makes for a very attractive material for hundreds of homeowners across the world. It is the perfect place for putting down hot plates as it is very durable. 

Porcelain also has no moisture problems and is very easy to install. You'll also find that it doesn't stain and can withstand chemicals, detergents and more.

5. If you like thick tops, black marble is your best choice

Give your kitchen a very new and stylish look!

As we've mentioned before, marble is a very popular material on the market because of how well it works, especially for counter tops.

When it comes to aesthetics, it also works so well with other materials such as wood, steel, iron and ceramics. In this image, we can see how black marble is a great choice, bringing a very elegant and sophisticated look and feel to the space. This is an instant way to achieve a modern kitchen.

Another point to note is that is very easy to clean with liquid soap and water.

6. Take advantage of the benefits of having a white marble counter top

White marble is very tough, difficult to scratch, convenient to clean and easy to maintain.

The best thing about having this type of natural material in your home is that you simply have to wipe it down after you use it and it is pretty much clean while the white tones will bring a very hygienic look and feel to the space. Take a few preventative measures so that you don't get any oil stains on the surface.

As we can see in this image, the white marble also gives brightness to the space that also works well with other materials and furniture such as the chairs, tables and appliances.

7. Compact quartz counter tops are the best options on the market

There are lots of different models to choose from when it comes to compact quartz counter tops, giving you a variety of options for different styles. 

This is also a very trendy style that is also very durable and difficult to scratch. You do have to be careful, however, when it comes to placing very hot pots or pans on the surface as this material can be quite easily damaged.

Take the necessary precautions and don't forget to wear oven mitts when handling hot crockery!

8. Sleek and modern kitchens that you cannot miss

Opt for a detailed gray marble effect and combine it with pieces of steel and dark wood. 

When remodeling the kitchen or choosing the right materials, you want to highlight the beauty of the space. Gray marble is a great option and works so well with dark wood and stainless steel, as we can see in this design.

The floor area features polished beige tiles, which further enhance this look and feel.

Also have a look at these 6 tips for upgrading your kitchen.

Which material would you choose for your kitchen surfaces? Tell us in the comment section! 

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