A small starter home built in just 5 months!

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modern by AP Arquitetura Ecoeficiente, Modern
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First things first; you won't believe how beautiful this prefabricated starter home is, but when we tell you that it was finished in just 5 months, we know that will really pique your interest! That's right, from the start of the architect's design process through to build completion, this home was put together in a staggeringly short 5 months, so perhaps that will be enough to quell any snobbishness about prefabs! 

We don't know why people aren't keen on these innovative homes, as they are frequently proven to be erected in record-breaking times, not to mention being significantly cheaper than standard construction methods, so we can only assume that the aesthetics are unpopular. If that is the case, prepare to fall in love with them, as this house is going to amaze you!

A wow-factor facade!

You surely can't tell us that you looked at this home and thought it was a prefab? We wouldn't have known if we didn't already, as it's so unusual, tailored to the space and beautiful! A narrow home that has been built on the edge of an existing property, We love the inclusion of a bay window and that peach-colored render too! It all makes us really curious about the inside!

Amazingly spacious

It might only be 754 ft² in area, but this home certainly doesn't feel cramped or tiny, does it? Thanks to a double ceiling height, this open plan living space feels enormous and wonderfully contemporary and stylish! We love the perfectly proportioned kitchen, with built-in breakfast bar, as it offers a great alternative to lounging on the sofa.

Long and lean

While this home might be narrow, we think the length of the inside space more than makes up for a lack of width! Thanks to a real wood floor, this back corridor remains light and airy and what a fantastic way to add a little extra privacy for those bedrooms. Amazing!

What a view!

Standing at the top of the stairs, you get such a good feel for how cozy, inviting and wonderfully laid out this modern home is! The red wall really lends a fabulous element of style and personality and contrasts so beautifully with the white walls. You can also really see how comfortable the living room must be as that isn't a small sofa!

During the build

Isn't this view utterly amazing? What a pleasure to see the build as it occurs! Here you can appreciate the method for erecting a prefab home, with a simple steel framework and manufactured boards that slot in effortlessly. This shot gives such a deep understanding as to the dimensions of the finished house too!

Unusual design

If part of your prejudice against prefabs comes from believing that they all look the same, think again! This is a wonderful example of just how unique every build can be and how perfectly designed to fit in a designated space. We really do love this façade and it's ultra contemporary profile!

If you are open to a little more prefab inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The prefab house to win you over!

Are you pleasantly surprised by this prefab? Tell us in the comment section! 

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