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What if there is a place to store wine in the house? What if there is no need to travel to a bar for itt? Yes it is possible to have a wine cellar at your place. This article explains the different types of gyms and the ways to design them.

A cellar in the basement which is built specifically to store wine is called a wine cellar. This can be in the form of bottles or barrels. The form of storage depends on the purpose and location. The basement is chosen to store them as it provides enough space for storage and also doesn’t occupy important space in the house.

What types of wine cellars exist?

They are classified into three types based on space requirements.

Above ground

These cellars are present in the normal vicinity of the house. When there isn’t any constructions possible in the basement, this option is chosen. Just like any other normal room, separate room is allotted for the storage of the wine. The temperatures must be kept in check for the room. The design has to be that the heat doesn’t affect the wine.


This the most common form of cellar. It is constructed in the basement with dim lighting and racks for arranging the wine. The basement temperature is generally cooler than the surface. This is a good possibility to make the wine last longer.

 Closet cellar

When both the above options aren’t possible, wine can be stored in a living room’s closet. This is considered last resort when the lack of space concern comes up. However the closet shouldn’t be directly facing the sun but instead kept in the coolest corner of the room for taste and durability benefits.

What are the kinds of styles to apply?

The hobby and liking towards wine  is the most considered parameters for styling the cellar


Like the farmhouses, this styling offers great functionality and comfort. Access is easy and relaxing in the living room. They primarily comprise of wood finishes.


Rustic gives an old, distressed look with its styling. Timber, stone and brick form the primary materials used to design this living room giving it a vintage and old appearance.


This style comes with simple neutral colors and the materials are highly fine with shape and orientation. It is basically a style that looks and functions simple enough without any complications. This would include appliances that come as a combo where one performs many functions making things simplified.


Traditional living rooms are defined by their details, which can include arches, decorative moldings and corbels, raised-panel cabinets and a mix of antique finishes. Basically they comprise of all detailed stylings and is quite opposite to the modern which has simple stylings.


This style depends on the person’s interest and imaginative skills. They are decorated in any manner the client wants to without restrictions. It is said to display a materialization of the person’s character or to carry a message.

Where can i find a perfect wine cellar?

Homify is the place to find a perfect wine cellar. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it

Steps to design them

There are 7 basic steps to design the Gym. Any project takes about 3-4 months to complete on an average.

1. Determine the location

The location is important as care must be taken that the wine isn’t directly in the path of sunlight. It should be in the coolest corner of the room if the cellar is above ground or closet type. The cellar must maintain a temperature of 55 degree fahrenheit. The humidity level of the cellar should be around 57%. Hence finding a location that meets all these criteria is important.

2. Framing, insulation and drywall

Using an architect and electricians all these three parameters can be countered. It is important to have all these three installed as it is a suitable condition for the wine. Framing is to keep the wine bottles from breaking. Insulation is to inhibit any heat into the cellar. A drywall is to avoid absorption of moisture into the room.

3. Wine cooling unit installation

The wine stays pure and durable in chill conditions. This is why for all the cellars, a cooling unit needs to be installed to keep the cellar chill at all times. Generally this is provided by the refrigerator if it is just a few wine bottles. But when the quantity is more, a cellar is required and a corresponding cooling unit for it.

4. Choice of lighting

The choice of lighting is important when it comes to cellar. There has to be lighting in every corner of the room but none of them have to be bright. They should be dim to aid to the cool conditions.

5. Doorway seal

The doorway must be very well protected. If glass doors are used it must be seen that they are durable. The doorway should provide two purposes. One is security and the other is easy access. The designer can provide lot of ideas on this step.

6. Add humidity

Although heat shouldn’t be a part of the cellar, humidity is important. It means a moisturous surrounding. A basic humidifier is all essential. An example can be a small fountain.

7. Style of wine display

This purely depends on the client. The way they want it to be displayed comes in various forms. Examples can be closed and open, labelled and unlabelled and so on.


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in creating wine cellars and the steps involved in doing so. In the end, it all comes down to space and money when choosing the type and style.

Other types of rooms


As important as the other four rooms are, bathroom is equally important. The interior of a bathroom is defined by many professionals like plumber, architect and carpenters. Hence a bathroom provides lot of opportunities for various design purposes.

Dining Room

It is not very important to have it, but it is quite common to have separate room for eating purposes. If the space constraints don’t apply then the dining room can be designed in a way to live life just to eat.