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Terrace houses: architecture, inspiration & pictures

Terrace House 

terrace house is not only beautiful but also versatile, featuring various sizes, character and prices to suit your budget. It is also the perfect home for smaller families starting up or scaling down as well as single individuals looking for the ideal property.

What is a terrace house and what makes them unique?

A terrace house is usually attached to another house of the same design and height. Its origins can trace roots back to the 16th century Europe as a minimalist home. Its basic features are that of looking identical to the one next door and the row of houses will carry on along a stretch of sidewalk or road. The name “terrace” comes from the term “garden terrace” and they were associated with chic style rather than simply being a row of houses.

These types of houses are also known as “row houses” in certain parts of America, whereas some places around the world may refer to them as a townhouse. However, townhouses and terrace houses are not the same in all aspects because a townhouse is not built as a stretch of houses in a row, but instead, they may have one attached house or could even be free-standing.

How popular is terrace houses? 

Row houses are pretty common in the States especially in Baltimore and they offer an affordable property option. They are also called townhouses and often located near convenient amenities. Their design could remind us of an apartment, in fact the close quarters with neighbors is another shared similarity to apartment living. Terraced houses are frequently seen in suburban areas and close to cities.  

Even though a terraced house may have a small plot of land, their total square foot size may offer you more house and value for your money. You could also definitely spruce it up in a contemporary fashion if you wanted.

Are there legal issues that may occur? 

Building any property from scratch will need approval by the local municipality and authorities of the current state in which you’re planning to build your terrace home. Factors such as yard space, car park facility and children’s play area away from traffic are just to name a few.

Renovations on your row house will also need to pass the related authorities in charge thereof and professional assistance is required for the drawing up of plans and other design features.

Should you build, buy or renovate -  what about the costs?

In America, the cost to build a property from scratch is fairly expensive and you’ll have to take into account the building design, special finishes, brick and mortar, paints and other materials. The size of the initial land on which the property will be built as well as professional costs such as architects, structural engineers, surveyors and various other specialists as well as administration of the necessary paperwork will add to the total.

Roughly an estimated cost of terrace houses can range from $400,000 to more than $4,000,000, again bearing in mind the location and the fact that townhouses and terrace homes are located in or close to the city.

If you choose to purchase a terraced house as is, then you can always go ahead and renovate it according to your needs. Renovations and even smaller touches like interior decor, all lead to you being able to add your personal signature to your new home. Renovating will be less than building the home from the start and interior design, decor and “facelift” changes are even less expensive than renovations.

What are the pros and cons of living in a terrace home?

A terrace home, like all things, come with advantages and disadvantages, the following are to name a few:


- Terraced homed homes are often less expensive. 

- They are great as a startup or scale down home. 

- These homes are usually located close to the city.

- You can enjoy a close-knit community with neighbors. 

- Technically when purchasing this property, you get more house for your money.


- They usually have a small “garden and yard” space”. 

- You may experience more traffic and noise from your neighbors. 

- There is usually a lack of privacy to some extent. 

- Renovations may be more tricky on row houses opposed to free-standing homes.

- These types of buildings lack proper ventilation.

What does it cost to take care and maintain a terraced house?

Whether you own a semi-detached home or live in a terrace house in the traditional sense, maintenance may differ one from the other.

Maintenance can be tricky at times as plumbing can interlink in the shared wall, which can be a problem if your neighbor has a pipe burst. The overall size does not call for plenty of general maintenance, however, the size does matter and if you own a large townhouse, you could have a larger garden and multiple floors for instance.

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