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Teen bedroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What designs are best for a teen bedroom?

Children grow up quickly. One moment you're rocking your child to sleep, and the next moment, that child is a teenager who insists on privacy and "space." Being a parent to a teenager is a phase every parent must handle with care, and when it comes to designing your teen's bedroom, knowing what they like and don't like will come in handy when choosing a theme. There are a range of modern design styles for teen rooms available on the market, but because your teenager is a unique individual, the best place to start when looking for ideas is with them. So if your teenage son likes sports and music, or your teenage daughter likes dancing and art, you can use these interests to establish a theme for their room. Remember to include them in the decision making process and have fun doing it together. At the end of it all, your bond will be stronger because of it.

What decorations can I use for a teen bedroom?

Whether you're looking to decorate a teenage boy or girls' room, walls are a great place to start because of the large surface area. You can use walls to enhance whichever theme you choose for by placing a range of decorative elements that match the theme. Play around with shapes and colours and think out of the box. The aim is to provide your teenager with a room that best represents their personality. A comfortable place to kick back, rest, play and study in. Here's a list of things you can decorate your teenager's bedroom wall with.

Wallpaper: You'll be pleased to know there's a variety of cool and funky wallpaper designs to use on your teen's bedroom wall. You can use wallpaper for the whole room or just one wall. Wallpaper is pretty easy to apply and can be changed as often as you need to. It's also a great way to decorate your teen's room without using a lot of elements.

Posters: Posters are an old way of decorating a room, but as times have moved on, so have they. Today, posters come in all shapes and sizes, framed or not, and vintage or modern. These days, you can get a poster of anything or anyone, or you can get a poster of your teenager made if you like. You can choose from a range of sports stars, celebrities, cars, bands and everything in between. The list is endless.

Paintings: These are a great way to draw attention to your teenager’s room, and just like posters, paintings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can play with dimensions by placing them in different places in the room. You can also hang pictures instead of paintings.

Quotes: If paintings aren't really your teen's idea of cool, you can frame quirky quotes and hang them on the wall instead. You can even print one of your child's quotes or favourite words. Again, endless options.

Curtains: Curtains take up an entire wall, and there's no reason not to use them as a clever piece of decor. Choose curtains in your teen's favourite color or better yet, make your own funky DIY curtains together.

Message boards: These can be hung on the wall and used to list important dates, events or anything that's on your child's mind. Place one behind the door or on the wall to encourage your teenager to express themselves, as well as teaching them to prioritize.

Flowers and stickers: Not only do flowers and plants smell great, but they're also a great way to teach your teen the responsibility of looking after things. Plants need constant watering to flourish, and a pot plant in your teenager's room will be another chance for them to learn to be responsible. Wall stickers are also a great decorative piece you can stick onto your child's walls or ceiling, and they come in a variety of shapes, including glow in the dark options.

Instruments: If your teen is into music or plays a musical instrument such as a guitar, you can use it as a design element in their room. Hang it on the wall or make space for it in the room. If possible, create a place where they can sit and play the instrument.

What are the essential items for a teenager's bedroom?

Besides kicking back and relaxing, your teen's bedroom is also their study space, so make sure these essentials are covered when choosing decorating pieces for the room. A sturdy desk, a comfortable chair and a study lamp with good lighting is important. So is a bookshelf, storage space, a wardrobe and shelves.

How can I create space in my teenager's small bedroom?

If space is a bit tight in your teenager's bedroom, don t despair. There are clever ways to save space in a small bedroom. The biggest item in any bedroom is a bed, so in a small bedroom, choose a sofa bed or a bed with storage space inside or underneath to save space in the room. Also, mount shelves onto the wall and use the space for something else. You can also use a large mirror and light paint color to create the illusion of space. There is a range of multifunctional furniture available on the market to help save space in different rooms in your house, and collapsible furniture is easily available at most furniture stores. Get the help of a professional before bringing your teenager's bedroom down, and for a ton of great ideas, look no further than homify for the best teenage bedroom inspiration.