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Modern living room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How do I start planning a modern living room?

Let’s be honest; the living room is the true heart of any home. Sure, it might not be where food is prepared, but it’s the room in which we gather after a long day to laze on the couch and kick back with friends and family. It’s also usually the first room we invite guests into, so it’s important that it reflects our personality and visual style. Creating a relaxing room in which you want to spend time is important for the whole flow of the house. Having somewhere to unwind or entertain guests helps create a more relaxed home environment, and decorating correctly is a large part of this. Researching exactly what it is you’d like to create first is a good idea, whether you want to try out something new or tie the look in with the rest of the house—these choices can greatly affect your decision. Whether the room accommodates your whole family is also something to take into account - make sure you have enough seating for everyone! If you have children or pets, be sure to opt for a color scheme and materials that are not only chic and stylish, but also easy to clean and maintain.

What are some modern living room design ideas? 

When designing a modern living room, the most important thing to remember is that less is more. No more cluttered shelves and faded upholstery, thank you! Instead, think elegant, minimalist furniture pieces around which you can add the aesthetic details you want. With the modern look it’s essential to remember not to cramp the room; avoid mess and ensure you incorporate bold, horizontal lines. It’s possible to pack a lot into a modern living room, including large pieces of furniture, for example coffee tables which may double up as regular tables and statement chairs – perhaps something in white with a modern, patterned throw? However, try and keep furniture to a minimum to avoid creating an overly busy space. Deciding on what you do most in your modern living room may also help you with your decisions. Do you prefer watching TV with the whole family? In this case a large couch and comfortable places would work best for you. Or are you a real bookworm and enjoy being surrounded by your favorite tomes? For this option, you may consider a reading corner - a place to relax in, surrounded by your favorite books. Exposed bookshelves and industrial-style pendant lights may also enhance a modern living room’s ambiance. Whatever your taste, it’s important you consult a professional interior designer for any big changes you make. This room needs to be a haven free from decor blunders!

What are the best wall colors for a modern living room? 

As with most modern interior projects, it’s best to stick to a neutral palette. Gone are the days of garish floral wallpaper and quirky patterned couches. Instead, opt for grays, taupes and stone-colored hues in order to create a timeless look. Many modern homeowners opt for a white theme - and for good reason; it creates a beautiful background on which to spruce up your room when you feel like a change. With white, you’re then able to use patterns – choosing one color theme for these and keeping it similar throughout the room is a great idea. Using big swathes of solid color can create a statement feature wall in a modern living room, and is another great option.

How do I accessorize my modern living room? 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - keep things simple when designing your modern living room. Not only will this help imbue a sense of calm to the space, understated decor will also stand the test of time and prevent your home looking dated. Consider small touches for a modern living room – mirrors with impressive frames, decorated coffee tables, anything in silver or more modern colors also work well. Think about your living room décor. Do you enjoy more quirky personal touches or a generically beautiful space? Remember to do your research and take inspiration from friends, family, magazines and the web. The more time you put in at this stage, the happier you’ll be!

How do I design a small modern living room? 

If you’re stuck with a small living room, you’re certainly not alone. And the good news is, it’s perfectly possible to create a stylish contemporary room, even in a compact home! If your modern living room is also just next to the front door, it may be a good idea to use interior design as a way to differentiate these two spaces; you could use one wallpaper within the hallway and a different, neutral color in your living room. Another trick is to ensure you have sufficient storage in place. Nothing will make a small room look small like heaps of cluttered possessions, so install high shelving, a low, sleek coffee table and a couple of cabinets. It’s also vital that you get your lighting right - keep things bright with some ceiling spotlights or freestanding lamps. Make sure you adequately illuminate the room to give the impression of more space.