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Redecorating your home is a great way of changing up your place and creating a more tailor made environment that is suited to your lifestyle and your needs. The Mediterranean home is a popular choice all over the world as it draws inspiration from countries located in the Mediterranean such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece to name a few.

Due to Spanish influence in America when the Spanish Empire grew after the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Mediterranean style houses became very popular in North and Central America between the years 1918 to 1940 and many houses in the states of Florida and California have Spanish colonial influence. You’ll also see many homes in parts of South America that is also built in the Mediterranean style.

What you can also recognize in these homes are a mix of Mediterranean and modern or contemporary where homes can feature courtyards, lavish gardens, patios, and living spaces such as a Mediterranean family room. Either way, you can spruce up your home just the way you want whether you’re looking to renovate, build from scratch or redecorate.

What are Mediterranean living rooms?

Mediterranean living rooms are usually found in homes designed with Mediterranean architectural influence. These homes are known for their large scale and grand designs and you’re most often able to enjoy large living spaces and thus plenty of room for your Spanish style living rooms.

The living room is the place where families and friends get together and enjoy each other’s company. A modern Mediterranean living room will give you the feel of a warm, comfortable living space, great for family entertainment, while showcasing a Mediterranean way of life, eminent in the décor and furnishings used.

The characteristics you can expect to see in a Mediterranean design home and living room includes the following:

Natural colors 

Color schemes must be that of the natural kind such as browns, dark woods, orange, yellows and some can include blue as well as white depending on the regions location. If you were going for a specific influence like Greece for that matter, then you could go with blue and white for instance. 

The colors also play a big role in the overall theme and if your living room is bright, sunny and located at the sea, a nautical theme is also an option. If done properly, you can enjoy a perfect blend of colors and textures suited to the room.


Whether you own a small Mediterranean living room or a large one, the textures and colors are very important. When we consider textures, we think of the items that make up the décor of a home or living space. This can include small items like scatter cushions, rugs on the floor, patterns, clay centerpieces, rustic lighting fixtures, spun cotton drapes or shutters, and artwork to name a few. Some folks like geometric furniture pieces and industrial metallic pieces of decor, terracotta pots with plants in them which is especially great indoors and out. Even abstract patterns and deep tones will work well when decorating your Mediterranean living room.


Most Mediterranean living rooms and overall flooring is either hardwood, or incorporates tiles. You can even make use of a classic rug in the centre of the room and a coffee table. As mentioned, furniture is usually dark wood and hand crafted and because of the large scale of most living spaces, you could possibly be able to incorporate large comfy Mediterranean sofas into the living room and really enjoy a relaxing environment.

The fireplace is often rustic featuring wrought iron screens, however, if you’re going for a modern Mediterranean living room, you can change the fireplace feature wall into a stone cladding design or add a painting or clock at the top. You can also choose to add some beautiful pottery jars and even large candles on the mantel. Many Mediterranean homes have a conservatory that can act as a secondary family living room as this too can be made into a family living space or general entertainment area.

What would it cost to create a Mediterranean living room?

The size of the living room may play a role as you’d need to buy larger furniture and décor items as well as replace flooring over a bigger square foot. Generally, the larger the space, the more expensive it will cost to decorate the home. Your costs will be include the professionals hired to assist with various, such as electrical work, designing and decorating, amongst other.

The cost of furniture could also add heavily to the overall price depending on the quality and whether it’s been specially custom-made or bought from a designer. Knocking down walls and ripping up floors, rewiring and moving permanent fixtures are all going to play into the total expense to make the perfect Mediterranean living room. If you never had a fireplace and you’re maybe looking into building one, which could cost quite a bit to build from scratch. 

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