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Country Style Living Room Design Ideas & Pictures

Modern living rooms are such a fundamental part of our daily lives, and they contribute to our relaxation in ways we probably don’t even realize. Nothing beats the sensation of falling into a big comfy sofa or a large armchair after a long day, kicking back to watch some TV or just to have a much needed (sometimes stiff) drink. 

Country style decorating revolves around color, spaciousness and texture. There is very little space for the sake of creating space, but the rooms are generally larger which makes the actual area feel big and cosy.  Nature is the focus of country homes, which means that the materials used for anything are usually natural. The same goes for the fabrics and colors thereof. There is often a large rug on the floor in a country-themed living room which is quite decorative as well as being colorful and usually fluffy. 

One of the greatest parts about country styling is that it can both be casual and formal. The functionality of things is quite important, as is the comfort in what you choose. The main and probably most important factor in country styling is the warmth created by the items you choose in a room. 

Choosing furniture for a country-themed interior

Furniture is often quite large unlike that in use with minimalist styles, and usually wooden with comfortable seating. There is a classic or more traditional feel to the items chosen for a country living room, and wooden arms and legs are sometimes sanded or painted slightly to make them look distressed. This makes a country living room look lived in, creating more warmth than more modern styles which lean toward sophistication and clean lines.

Wooden cabinets are a must, and bookshelves with leather bound books and old tomes are a great way to show off some of the more traditional elements in the home. 

Adding a large wood fireplace is another great way to warm the house from the living room space during the winter time, especially in Northern States which regularly experience snowfalls. What's great about this is that it also creates warmth without increasing your energy bill!

Color-coordinating your style for your living room

Warmth is the focus here, and it needs to come from every corner of the room. If you have plaster walls, paint them in a light warm color which does not detract from the room itself. If there is brick work or stonework which is visible then use this. Plaster or wooden walls are a common  occurrence, but the color and interesting patterns which are created in stone or brick can really help to make the room look cozy when used properly.

When it comes to features like curtains and carpeting, remember that the colors you want to use are natural, in a similar style to classic living rooms, so go for things which mimic similar tones to flowering plants or if you prefer to use greens then look towards the deeper, warmer green spectrum. 

Once you have the main color pallette selected, then you can look at the main features of your space which will be your furniture and cushions. More often than not cream and off white is used in the furniture, although sometimes homeowners decide to go for the more English country style which is slightly more ornate and uses filigree patterns in fabrics to really make the seating stand out.

These can be mixed with warm colored cushions and large throws with splashes of warm color. This is because focus is less in the simplicity of the design and more geared towards a cozy, “lived in” feel.  

If you want to redo your living room and need to start looking at furniture, get some advice from a professional designer or decorator. They will know ways in which your living space can be made to look as inviting as you really want it to be. 

Adding final touches for your living room

The last few touches in the country living room are actually what make the room. Large mirrors can be used to make a room look bigger, and ornately framed items are quite effective at creating the look and feel you need. There may be a number of spaces on your walls which are not filled with something interesting, so try to fill them but without making the space look cluttered. 

For your living room floors, once again you want warmth, so look into a rug. You can play it a little more eccentric and find a faux animal print if you really want to, or go for the classic thick Persian rug with intricate designs and bold colors. 

You can choose to keep your floor open, but it you do, try to put a large table or something to divide the space slightly in order to prevent the floor from looking too empty. Large ottomans can be used, or a low wooden coffee table. 

If you do choose the coffee table, then consider choosing one which is glass topped, and decorate the inside with something interesting. Another different but effective way to finish the decoration is to use wooden animal shaped lamps with large warm colored shades. Darker woods are best for this, and they can look very effective if put close to a bookshelf or on a small side table. 

Creating an atmosphere of comfort is what country does best, and the living room often needs this to be fully appreciated. If you’re looking to remodel your living spaces and want to achieve that ence of homely, lived in warmth, then ask a professional for advice on what you should be doing to help you achieve your dream home.