Tropical Kitchen

  1. House of Inside and Outside: tropical Kitchen by Tamara Wibowo Architects
  2. Sapele House: tropical Kitchen by LeMaster Architects
  3. Need help with your kitchen?
    Need help with your kitchen?
  4. Sapele House: tropical Kitchen by LeMaster Architects
  5. Caribbean Dream - Breakfast Area: tropical Kitchen by Lorna Gross Interior Design
  6. tropical Kitchen by COLECTIVO CREATIVO
  7. tropical Kitchen by
  8. Need help with your kitchen?
    Need help with your kitchen?
  9. tropical Kitchen by Yucas Design & Build Sdn. Bhd.
  10. tropical Kitchen by homify
  11. tropical Kitchen by Chehade Carter Diseño Interior
  12. tropical Kitchen by MORADA CUATRO
  13. tropical Kitchen by Arquitetura Ao Cubo LTDA
  14. tropical Kitchen by Arquitetura Ao Cubo LTDA
  15. tropical Kitchen by Marcos Contrera Arquitetura & Interiores
  16. tropical Kitchen by Maria Claudia Faro
  17. tropical Kitchen by Maria Claudia Faro
  18. tropical Kitchen by BR  ARQUITECTOS
  19.  Kitchen units by Estúdio Pantarolli Miranda - Arquitetura, Design e Arte
  20. tropical Kitchen by homify
  21. tropical Kitchen by 芸采創意空間設計-YCID Interior Design
  22. tropical Kitchen by Hansen Properties
  23. tropical Kitchen by JT GRUPA
  24. tropical Kitchen by Marina Linhares Decoração de Interiores
  25. tropical Kitchen by BR  ARQUITECTOS
  26. tropical Kitchen by Montenegro Arquitetura
  27.  Kitchen units by Atom Interiors
  28. tropical Kitchen by IMAGINARTE -  Arquitetura & Construção
  29. tropical Kitchen by Design studio TZinterior group
  30. tropical Kitchen by Living Innovations Design Unlimited, Inc.
  31. tropical Kitchen by LARISSA REIS ARQUITETURA
  32. tropical Kitchen by Jamile Lima Arquitetura
  33. tropical Kitchen by Patrícia Azoni Arquitetura + Arte & Design

What is a tropical kitchen?

Many people enjoy the feeling of being in a tropical designed home, because it draws inspiration from homes on tropical islands which relate to relaxing, sunny skies and beautiful seas. You can create your very own tropical kitchen and enjoy cooking in style.

tropical themed kitchen has several great factors about it, what’s more is the open plan and spacious feel that makes it so inviting even for family members to pitch in and help with dinner.

So what makes it so unique and what characteristics set it apart from regular kitchens? 

Tropical kitchens can be very timeless and thus are a great investment in the long run. What you will find is a sense of rustic charm and a cozy feeling that is simply undeniable. They can take on many looks with some having a slight cottage effect to it but still keep with the tropical theme.

Other designs are more of a contemporary tropical kitchen featuring straight lines and simplicity while still incorporating the charm of a tropical setting.

A nautical tropical themed – This kitchen is inspired by the marina and ocean lifestyle and thus incorporates colors like blues and turquoise as well as fixtures and accessories that display the theme throughout. Even this theme maintains the tropical effect with plants, bamboo, and other tropical accents.

Outdoor tropical kitchen – Outdoor kitchens makes alfresco dining extra special and it’s here you can relax and have a tasty, meal or enjoy a tropical sundowner cocktail while feeling the cool air brush over your skin. These kitchens often make use of reeds and bamboo in the makeup of their counters and barstools.

Colors – White colors often give that summer’s effect and work well throughout the home as well as the kitchen. Other Tropical kitchen colors can also include the likes of cherry wood and browns depending on the design and theme that the homeowner is looking to achieve.

Wooden floors and ceilings – Wooden floors and ceilings are very popular to create an authentic tropical kitchen look, and it adds to that cozy, comfortable feeling. Wooden floors and wood beamed ceilings are rustic and can last for a very long time.

Tropical style kitchen cabinets –  Kitchen cabinets for the tropical look are often rustic and charming and almost always crafted in wood. However, contemporary tropical kitchen cabinets would take on a new look and may not even be manufactured in wood at all but rather laminate or thermofoil.

How popular is a tropical kitchen in the States? 

Tropical kitchens are very versatile and beautiful and are featured in plenty of homes in America. Even if your home is not designed in a tropical theme, you can still have your kitchen designed to portray this tropical setting and thus still be able to enjoy your very own tropical paradise in the midst of your home.

Expenses to complete a tropical kitchen

One of the most affordable ways of redoing your current kitchen is to simply change some facelift aspects. These can include flooring, countertops, kitchen cabinets and smaller fixtures such as lights, sinks and faucets.

Some people looking to save but redo the look of their kitchen can also opt for a built-in kitchen and have everything all neatly fitted into place. This is possible for tropical designs too.

However, if you’re considering major alterations such as having to make a new kitchen by adding another or completely changing the current one, then you could be looking to dock out some dollars. However, done correctly, your tropical kitchen will be a good investment for your money.

Some of the costs will be allocated to:

* Professional plumbers 

* Professional electricians 

* Cabinet installations 

* Flooring 

* Sinks and faucets 

* Other tropical kitchen accessories

It’s important to use the help of professionals as they are able to certify their work and comply with the necessary authorities within your state. Electrical, plumbing and floor extensions are amongst the factors to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

You should also note that not all states are the same and the price will vary one state to another.

What are the pros and cons of having a tropical kitchen?


* When remodeling your kitchen you can make use of eco-friendly appliances and materials which can also save you money in the long run. 

* Remodeling will increase the value of your home if you’re looking to resell 

* They are aesthetically beautiful


* To remodel a kitchen can be very costly depending on the extent of the remodeling 

* The kitchen is better suited to bigger spaces in order to get the full effect

If you’re looking for inspiration and professionals that you can trust to help you create an ideal tropical kitchen in the comfort of your home, then browse from the large selection of professionals at homify. You’ll find assistance with remodeling, flooring, plumbing, cabinets and lots more.