Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas & Pictures

Sleek cupboards, well fitted appliances, clean marble surfaces. These are all hallmarks of a modern kitchen. Kitchens form a huge part of our day-to-day life, and need to be treated as important spaces because of this. Technology plays a huge part here too, and with more and more gadgets and gizmos arriving on store shelves regularly, it can be quite difficult to decide where to go with these spaces. That’s why we're here to help.

Designing your modern kitchen

Modern kitchen design incorporates many of the features of modern design element, which are usually neutral color accented with 1 or 2 specific colors which are either warm or cold. This gets coupled with sleek lines, minimal design elements, and specifically chosen furniture pieces to highlight a particular style choice. 

The intricacies of a truly great design lie in the layout of the area, and the practicality of the spaces chosen for certain items. There will often be a set place for items like your microwave oven, toaster and kettle, as well as places specifically assigned for pots and pans or other utensils close to a stove or cooking surface. 

If you’re going to be redesigning your kitchen area and aren’t sure where to start, why not talk to a professional and get an opinion on what the best design choices are for you?

Modern styling for the room

Most modern designs, unlike older kitchen styles incorporate a Flat-panel door (sometimes called a slab-door) style as a signature element for cupboards and cabinets. Shaker doors are sometimes used, but they aren’t strictly modern design. 

Frameless, full-overlay cabinet construction is the next part of modern styling. Essentially the description means that the cabinet door overlays the cabinet box. This is so that you will never see the frame of the cabinet meaning that it looks more sleek.

Natural materials like wood and marble are central to modern design, and while there is little or no ornamentation to the modern kitchen, these elements are brought in by natural grains, shapes and color.

Emphasizing lines is part of what modern design is all about, and it shows when looking at the modern kitchen in terms of stacked cabinets, or appliances nice and neatly lined up ready for daily use. 

Accent pieces share a theme either by color or by material. Brushed steel kettles and toasters look marvelous together, as do white marble tops and clean white cupboards. Again, this form a sense of consistency and cleanliness to the room.

Furnishing your kitchen

How you choose to furnish your kitchen will come down to the amount of space you have available. Americans also tend to like to eat in either the kitchen or the living room, where they feel most comfortable, so choosing the right pieces in quite important. 

Before deciding on chairs, make sure you have a table picked out, and it you have a central island in your kitchen, you can follow the trend and put your seating around that. To determine the right height, width etc. of your chairs, there are some things to do. Firstly, measure out the area that people will be interacting in, remembering that the chairs you pick will have to be pulled out from the table, so measure that place too! Keep in mind that chairs also need side space, so measure this as well.  

You can also decide whether not you want chairs with arms or not, bearing in mind that chairs without arms such as bar stools take up far less space.

Remember also to choose what feels most comfortable to you. Defining comfort isn't easy as it’s a personal thing, but there are some common factors which play into it, such as height, ability to be leaned on etc.

When deciding on your appliances, try to as often as possible go with a similar style, or at very least similar colors. The decision of which style and color to go for is completely different from person to person, but the one factor which remains the same is that to remain within the confines of modern style one should try and keep uniformity. If you’re having trouble deciding, make the design of the room itself your go to, and match a steel or marble top with metal or naturally colored appliances. 

Lastly, consider what kind of lighting you want to incorporate into your kitchen design. Why this is important is because there is more to lighting in the modern stylistic catalogue than ever before. You can have perspex lighting in your cupboards which allows you to see deeper into the recess of the cabinet, or perhaps electroluminescent wire for the same purpose. Also try to match the actual room light fittings to the rest of the room as well as the rest of the home, to create another form of uniformity. 

Some interesting mod-cons for the kitchen

Technology is always advancing, and as such, so are the things we can add to our kitchens to aid in designing sleek, and modern looking surfaces.

Countertop storage is one of these, which incorporates storage space into the countertops of certain chosen counters. This assists in eliminating certain spaces, or allows for some extra space for spice racks or anything else you choose.

Smart sinks are another modern invention which can eliminate the sink itself, by being able to be raised to level with the counter when not in use. It can be made in any color to match the surface you have chosen for your counter tops. 

There are also arrays of specialized countertop organization tools which can be added to your kitchen to make the best of any available space. What this does is allows for ease of access to things like your chef's knives or cooking utensils, as well as creating space in your drawer sand cabinets for more extensive collections of crockery or cutlery. 

Making a modern design sounds quite simple, but there is a fine line between clean and organized and overly clinical and cold. So, if you are looking to do anything with your kitchen and want a new modern look to one of the most important spaces in your home, then consider talking to a designer or kitchen planner in order to get the right advice and tips about the best ways to organize your cooking space.