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Mediterranean kitchens are rustic and beautiful works of art and simply great for large homes. They are warm, welcoming and makes accessing kitchen tools and equipment easy. The kitchen is the heart of any home and being able to turn your kitchen into the perfect family space is a wonderful opportunity.  

What is a Mediterranean kitchen and what makes it special? 

A Mediterranean kitchen is where the “magic” happens, it’s where all those delicious meals are created and packed with love for all to enjoy.

Typical factors that make up a Mediterranean Kitchen 

Mediterranean kitchen décor is not shy of all the layers and textures that come with making it so special. What this design creates is that wonderful feeling of close families getting together and enjoying each other’s company. What could start out with the making of a wonderful meal in the Mediterranean designed kitchen could bubble over into a great dining experience amongst family and friends.

No plain walls
What you can often notice with Mediterranean kitchen walls are the fact that they showcase under layers and textures and are hardly ever plastered over smoothly. These textures may include the likes of stucco, drywall mud and Venetian mud. All this adds extra depth even throughout the home where the walls are concerned.

Wrought iron touches 

Mediterranean designed homes often feature wrought iron and it usually blends well into the kitchen. You could custom-make your pots, pans and utensils hanger using wrought iron featuring plenty of detailed patterns.

Mosaic tiles and backsplash 

Kitchen tiles featuring Mediterranean influence in design will often come with great looking mosaics and even hand painted tiles. These painted tiles are charming, artistic and creates that essence of a true humble abode.

Color is key 

While you consider color to be a leading factor when redoing your kitchen and any living space for that matter, you could consider a variety of warm colors for your kitchen. Mediterranean kitchen colors are usually warm, bright and inviting such as terracotta, orange, deep reds and blues amongst other.

Curvy edges

Mediterranean kitchens often feature strong, yet graceful curves; this can be in the form of arches and wall designs as well as the fixtures like a lamp hanging from the ceiling and other ornate decorations.  

How popular are Mediterranean kitchens in the USA? 

Mediterranean kitchens are popular all over America and they not only feature great designs fit for a large family but they are also stylish and efficient. Many homes come with kitchens that have the potential to be turned into the likes of a Mediterranean one, and this could be a nice change from the regular kitchen designs of a basic home.

If this is something you’re interested in doing for your own home, then you could do a few estimate calculations to get the gist of how much you could be looking to pay.

How much would it cost me to build or design a Mediterranean kitchen for my home?

You can design your kitchen from start to finish incorporating various elements but the cost will differ for each person. Firstly, you’ll have to consider whether or not you’re doing an entire kitchen from the start or simply doing minor changes like kitchen décor and flooring for instance.

If you’re looking to do a small remodel, you could be looking to pay an estimate of $10,000 to $15,000 to remodel while larger renovations could range from $15,000 to $30,000.

Small renovations can include: 

* Changing the sink and faucet 

* Refacing your cabinets or installing other stock ones 

* Upgrading kitchen appliances 

* Repainting the walls

Larger renovations may include:

* Replacing regular countertops with granite tops 

* Installing custom cabinets 

* Upgrading to high-end kitchen appliances that are EnergyStar approved 

* Building a kitchen island in the middle, especially if the kitchen is large

The factors that could influence the remodel needs could be the neighborhood in which you live in. A high-end neighborhood will showcase homes that feature lavish designs and expensive items which mean you would give out more to remodeling your Mediterranean kitchen in this neighborhood. 

However, this will also boost the price when you resell your home at a later stage as this will pose as your long term investment.

Renovations and legal issues related

Your kitchen remodeling contractor must present you with all the details needed to proceed with the project and the agreement should contain various aspects such as:

* An escape to end the project within 3 days without having to pay penalties (this does not apply in every state) 

* The agreement should also have room for changes and the procedure to follow if any should occur. 

* It should also contain project dates and deadlines 

* The contract must contain a Lien Waiver to safeguard the owner against any claims by workers or contractors of not having been paid, when the project milestones were paid already.

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