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Country Kitchen

When we think of country living, one thing pops into mind more often than not, and that's good old country food. A kitchen is an important part of most homes, but in country residences it’s even more so because the people using it often haven’t seen each other for much of their waking hours, meaning that it’s the place where the family and friends meet up in order to relay the happenings of the day before sitting down to a nice meal.

The Basics of Country-Style

Modern country style housing is very much about space, both inside and out. There are usually quite large rooms by comparison to most other modern houses, and the kitchen is no exception. Natural elements are often a must, because being in the countryside is all about being in touch with nature. Warm colors are used quite often in the accenting of certain things, though cupboards and cabinets more often than not are white.

There may be stone, wood, or even brick walls in the interior of the kitchen, but these are not the norm. Either way, allow these to be displayed in such a way that they are accentuated. Don’t downplay natural color and light, but rather bring it to the fore. Usually your interior will be a standardized plaster wall so you can paint it any way you choose. For the best country look, go for a slightly warm or off-white colors like a very light cream or any other light, warm color.

Floating cabinets are also a great way to create space, so consider having those installed in your kitchen to both play with the style and also create atmosphere.

Choosing appliances for your country-style kitchen

Due to massive leaps toward better technology, both stoves and microwave ovens will be very modern looking. The best way to ensure that you keep to the more natural look which country designs strive to create in the modern context is to stick to purchasing items which are primarily made from steel. This helps maintain an air of sophistication which you may still want to portray.  There are also very many companies who deal with appliances which are geared towards being tech-savvy whilst looking more retro, and this can also be a great fit, especially if you’re going for items which come from the same company.

Allow yourself to have some fun with utensils and cutlery. Country is a classical style meaning you have some space to play with older looking plates and cups, especially if your particular want is the country cottage look. Feel free to display large ceramic serving plates in specific places, especially those with the classic blue and white print on them. You can choose to display your cutlery such as chef’s knives and the like in a place where they’ll be seem. Once again, go for something with a wooden handle and allow the steel to show, this reiterates the natural appeal which country styling creates.

For taps and faucets, look for retro looking items which fit the older school way of thinking. You can go for steel, aluminum or even copper (though remember that copper is quite expensive and does get weathered by water over time). Try again to make the color of metals you choose fit the rest of the room.

Kitchen Flooring for a Country Style Home

The norm in country style homes is using wood as flooring, and there are ways to protect a wooden floor from water damage, which will be needed in the kitchen. A well polished and varnished wood floor is best if you do choose wood as your mainstay, but remember that this will require regular care, and even small spillages can permanently damage wood if not taken care of timeously.

If wood is not for you, then tiles are the next option. There are many ways in which a tiled floor can be made to match your style. These include certain color or shape combinations which will be able to accent the warmth of the room.

Flooring a kitchen isn’t an easy choice, and often we don’t quite know which way to turn. This is why there are professional kitchen planners out there who can help you decide on which elements would be best brought out and the right materials to do this with.

Country Style Furniture and accent pieces 

In order to really embrace the country style, table tops and chairs are often rustic looking, with large wooden tops and thick, chunky and strong legs. Crafted wood is also used for cabinets and cupboards, and can be painted white or in other instances left as it’s natural tone. Stains are often applied to lighter woods to give them a slightly older and darker tone, and also to bring out the grain in certain types of popular hardwoods. This is especially true with countertops made from hardwoods.

Seating areas around a central island or at a table are incredibly important to help guide the room in a certain direction. Strive as much as possible to create comfort. Although there are many beautiful aspects to modern kitchens in their minimalistic style and straight clean look, country kitchens are supposed to be warm and inviting, and this can be easily achieved by adding some colorful cushions to chairs and seating arrangements.  

Unlike more modern styles, there is not much bare area left in country design, so where there is a space, find something interesting to fill it with. It is very common to find curtains over large windows in country kitchens, so use these to your advantage for a touch more color. 

These are just some of the elements which you can use as a go to for creating a country kitchen which is a warm and inviting space in which to spend your time entertaining. If you need to know anything more, we’d suggest contacting a local professional who can assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams, and in no time at all you’ll be serving up that perfect pumpkin pie at the next gathering of friends and family alike!