Kitchen design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The kitchen is the heart of the home

The kitchen is the heart of every home, don’t you agree? We sure do! It is the room where we sit down and share a meal and talk about our day. Some say that the kitchen is the room one should pay extra attention to details. Either way, whether you are a cook or not, I am sure you see the value in this spectacular room. With the advent of technology we made this room more efficient, but that doesn’t mean that efficiency cannot have style. We provide you access to amazing professionals that you wouldn’t necessarily have access to.

What is the best kitchen layout for my home?

1. What is a one-wall kitchen? It is also called the Pullman kitchen. Often found in lofts or small apartments. Cabinets and other accessories are fixed against a single wall. So imagine all your cabinets, the oven, stove, sink and fridge up against one wall.

2. What is a gallery kitchen? This style of kitchen provides a walkthrough space between two walls, the walls are attached with various accessories. It is a chic and lean look without over cluttering, as the furnishings, appliances and accessories are distributed along two opposite facing walls.

3. What is a L-Shape kitchen? The L-shape is used to maximize the utility of a corner space. It has two walls of cabinets/ appliances.

4. What is a Horseshoe or U-Shape kitchen? Similar to the L-shaped kitchen, the horseshoe or u-shaped kitchen has three walls of cabinets/ appliances.

What is a kitchen island? To have a kitchen island you first of all need the space. They are incredibly practical and as the name suggests, it is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen, they can be a mobile unit or a stationary one. They also can encompass a sink, stove top, oven, cabinets.

What type of kitchen do I want?


Like the farmhouses, this styling offers great functionality and comfort. Access is easy and relaxing in the kitchen. They comprise of open shelves, wide sinks, big flooring and tables to make things easier and usable to work with.


Rustic gives an old, nostalgic look with its styling. Timber, stone and brick form the primary materials used to design this kitchen giving it a vintage and old appearance.


Modern style kitchen comes with simple neutral colors and the materials are top of the line. It is basically a style that looks simple and functions without any complications. Using the latest technology in appliances, and materials that are easy to maintain clean.


Traditional kitchens are defined by their details, which can include arches, decorative moldings and corbels, raised-panel cabinets and a mix of antique finishes. Basically they comprise of all detailed stylings and is quite opposite to the modern which has simple stylings.


This style depends on the person’s interest and imaginative skills. They are decorated in any manner the client wants, without restrictions. It is said to display a materialization of the person’s character or to carry a message.

Where can i find the perfect kitchen?

homify is the place to find the perfect kitchen. It offers an incredible amount of options to choose from and access to the RIGHT professionals.

What are the steps to design a kitchen?

There are 6 basic steps to designing a kitchen. Most projects takes about two months to three months on average to complete.

1. Research

The first step is to do a research on design styles, pricing depending on the space you have.

2. Choosing the architect and the designer

Here is where the creativity happens. You need the right architect and designer to make your plans come true. And this is where homify steps in.

3. Electrical and plumbing rough-in

Rough-in means the work done behind the walls and under the floor. Hence before painting or furnishing the kitchen, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are done wherever necessary as per the design plan. The electricians and plumbers will charge around 20-25% based on their experience and efficiency. The contractors will coordinate them into managing their work hours and fee.

4. Laminations and coatings

The next step is to laminate or coat the tables and other furnitures. All the necessary designs and colors are used to coat. Special coatings are also made so as to withstand any damage done to the walls and also stop removal of the paint due to environmental factors. These are done by floorers. Working under the contractor, they can charge around 20% of the total budget.

5. Furnishings

Once all the painting is done, the required furniture are added to the room. Tables, chairs, lightings, wall hangings, appliances are all installed.

6. Accessorizing

After your kitchen is done, comes the funnest part, accessorizing it! Will you have a coffee machine? What type of cutlery or crockery will you buy? Make it special, make the kitchen YOU!

Write us, let us know how homify can assist you in planning the perfect kitchen or getting you the right architect or interior designer for it. We also provide a list of top-of-the-line accessories and essential products, a couple of clicks away and everything can be easily planned!