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Home architecture, design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Home is where the heart is, there isn’t much to disagree with Ozzy Osbourne lyrics “Mama, I’m coming home”. A house is where you create memories, a place you feel safe, a house becomes a home. For that reason we here at homify will dedicate our time to make your house a reality, all you have to do is fill it with memories.

What is a detached house?

The detached home is one that stands alone. It is a free-standing building, a house that is not joined to any other house.

What is the difference between a detached house and a semi-detached house?

As the name suggests, a semi-detached home is one that is joined by other homes. This house does not stand alone.

What is a Townhouse?

A townhouse is a series of homes attached to each other. In the United States the townhouse is defined as single-family homes with at least two floors that share a wall with another house. They are arranged in row but they are not necessarily uniform one to another.

What is a duplex?

A duplex or triplex is a building that is divided into multiple units. Much like semi-detached houses, these have their separate entrance and is responsible for the care of its own unit.

What are the different home styles?


As the name suggests, it is located away from city centers. Style wise it can be varied but there is always a relaxed approach to it. Comfort is at the center of a county home.


The asian style comes with inclined roofs to the sides and flat roof to the top, more in the form of a japanese hat. They are usually one-story home. Wood and bamboo are common. A manicured garden is also a common feature.


Typical of the Mediterranean, these are homes that endure warm weather, commonly made with a stucoo exterior and tiled roof.


This style come with metal and brick exposure. Their interiors exhibit more brick exposure instead of a clean painted wall.


Primarily composed of stone made buildings and wood interiors. Think warm colors and comfort.

Where can I find the perfect houses?

homify is the place to find a perfect houses. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it

What are the steps into designing a home?

There are 8 basic steps to design a house. Any project takes about 6 months to one year complete on an average.

1. Research

The first step is always a thorough research. Designs, type of house suited for your location, budget and architects. And here is where homify steps in, we offer you a chance to get in touch with the best designers and top architects.

2. Choosing the architect and the designer

The architect builds the layout plan and site analysis, while the designer decides how to style the building. homify offers professional of world talent.

3. Site analysis

The next step is to analyse the site on various aspects. Make use of the professionals to consider climate responsive design and site specific variables, orientation, cool breeze access, solar access, views, overshadowing by landforms, trees and buildings, slope, soil type, bushfires risks, stormwater drainage, access and transport and other services.

4. Design contract

After all the considerations are done, we move on to discussing the fees charged by the professionals. We come to terms with them on the budget. Then a contract is signed by the client, architect and designer agreeing to all the terms being discussed before.

5. Conceptualization

This involves developing a concept for the building. The designers will interview you and offer sketches and designs with all the required structural detailing. This includes the structure, shape and size of the building structure.

6. Design development

The development is made on top the conceptualized blueprint. This development is a small scale model of what and how the house is going to look like. The client can view and give feedbacks on the model and also apply some changes to the model if necessary. This comes in many shapes, 3D renderings, or actual models are built.

7. Final design

This is the work of a civil engineer who can sketch out the plans in a very empirical way.

8. Deployment

The final act is to deploy the design into real time with builders. This is where the real work starts as the builders need to stick to the plan without any deviations. They will be supervised by architects and designers regularly to check on the progress of the work.

As you can see, it is a task that needs a lot of work. Let homify help you.