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Tropical Style House Design Ideas & Pictures

When you think of a tropical house you think of a thatch roof cozy property where the beach is in your front yard and you can enjoy clear, sandy ocean views and hear the waves and the seagulls above. Sounds like a holiday destination on a beautiful tropical island far away, but what if you could make it your home?

If you’re fortunate to reside in a region that enjoys tropical weather and the bliss of white sandy beaches, then you can choose to work with a small tropical house design or go with a larger, more lavish tropic home design.

What is a tropical house? 

Tropical homes often feature exotic trees, palms, and a tropic like garden. They are common throughout the world an can often be seen in regions like Long Island, Florida, Jacksonville, Houston, New Orleans, Nashville and Charleston to name a few. These regions have sub-tropical climate and are located close to the sea.

Features of a tropical house design concept  

Tropical homes designs often feature flat roofs so that you can get an unobstructed view of the ocean. They also feature large patios where you could enjoy your alfresco meal while taking in the beautiful sea views and smelling the salty sea breeze as it eases your senses with revitalizing energy.

The patio or the garden area wouldn’t be shy of the iconic hammock to relax with a good read or to simply have a snooze in the afternoon shade.


House plans for tropical countries and regions can consist of various designs. While some tropic houses may have large beams and columns, others may have only straight lines and clean finishes.

Most of the living spaces will be open plan to allow free flow of light and air. Charming wooden floors are a must and provides that authentic look.  

Plants, plants and more 

A modern tropical house design would often showcase a large garden. This is a great way for you to enjoy shade when you’re outside in the beating sun. Foliage, trees and plants that include strelitzia, anthurium, ficus tree and aspidistra just adds to that feeling of a jungle.

The stone pathway in the garden is one of the ideal characteristics of a tropical home setting and here you could incorporate steps where needed too.

Go for a dip 

If you don’t have the beach on your doorstep, then the likes of a lovely swimming pool should do absolutely fine. Pools are often rectangular and can also be an infinity design with the rim spilling over into the sea or the property surroundings. However, some homeowners would also choose the likes of a geometrically designed pool for the tropical house that may showcase a spillover display or water feature.

Simple tropic house plans will feature all the basics of this specific design but on a smaller scale.


Colors used in tropical designed homes are light and breezy like natural hues, blues and whites with the tropical theme extending throughout the home.

Tropic décor 

Décor plays a major role in helping the home look more like the living space design that you intend for it. With tropical homes living plants are constant throughout the theme and can be seen in the garden and in all the living spaces including the bathroom.

What the décor also aims to create is a comfortable, laid-back setting that will make you feel at home while still feeling as if you’re somewhere far away on a tropical island.   Simple prints on scatters and even wallpaper are common with ceiling fans to cool down on those sizzling temperatures. In the tropic setting, you’ll often find canopy beds with mosquito nets draped over.

The cost to build a tropical home in the States and legal aspects related

Certain states like Florida abide by strict building codes due to the region being prone to storms. You’d have to ensure that when building your house from scratch that you make use of professional contractors who can help to achieve this. Basically, a rough breakdown of costs will depend on whether you’re only redecorating or building from the start.

Alterations to the building can be costly as this will require planning, professionals and materials to achieve.

Décor and garden 

Décor items are less expensive to obtain and will not require you to redo your building structure to make use of them.

Landscaping costs to create your perfect tropical garden or jungle environment is pricey, given the fact that you’ll need lots of plants, trees and foliage to create the scene. You’ll also need to get a professional landscaper to help design your garden, and using their skill and wit, they’ll know where the plants will flourish best. 

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