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Mediterranean Style House Design Ideas & Pictures

Mediterranean House 

Houses come in all shapes and sizes and they have their own sense of character. One of these designed homes is a Mediterranean house and it can cater to various style choices and personal preference whether you want a large scale home or looking for a smaller one that features charm and coziness.

What is a Mediterranean house? 

The design is inspired by homes found north of the Mediterranean Sea such as seen in Greece, Spain and Italy for instance. This is also how the iconic name was inspired. One of the striking features often found with these types of homes are their flat or sloped red tiled roofs.

Other characteristics that make these houses stand out are their large columns, window and door arches, porch entrances as well as wrought iron balconies. Large entertainment areas are no stranger when it comes to Mediterranean house characteristics. The overall design of these homes are simple, yet functional and many of them can cater for large families given their large space (this can vary across plans).

From the outside they feature mostly plastered walls and even the interiors are minimal with wooden beamed ceilings and wooden flooring which extends rustic flair throughout.

What factors make the interior of a home take on a Spanish or Mediterranean feel?

Appearance says everything and once you’ve completed the outside, it’s time to focus on the interior. Sometimes, you’re looking to create a different atmosphere on the inside of the house even if it doesn’t say the same for the outside. Focusing on the  interior decor of any home is what makes it just as exceptional and important.

Simple features in the decor of your Spanish inspired home will enable you to bring about a true Mediterranean feel. Some features could focus on the following:

Color scheme -  Many of these homes take on a nautical color scheme with the likes of blues and whites, while others will be warmer colors like honey yellows and  terracotta. Some interiors can also showcase natural hues throughout the house. 

Finishings - The finishings like door handles would be bronze or silver for that matter, and when equipped with a fireplace it would usually be secured with wrought iron. 

Interior walls - Sometimes the walls will have extra artistic influence like materials such as sand textures and other visual techniques.

Flooring - Floors are often tiled and may include mosaics. However, the floors can also feature wood and the feel of worn flooring combined with rugs throughout living spaces.

A rustic theme can play on throughout the interior and exterior of house with wrought iron, terracotta tiles and pots as well as mosaics.

How popular are Mediterranean style homes in USA? 

Mediterranean houses rank in the top ten alongside farm houses, country cottages, modern,  ranch style and traditionally designed American houses to name a few.

The legal things to consider about building a Mediterranean style house include plot and land ownership, architectural plans and floor plans, as well as electrical and plumbing work to be completed.

How much does it cost to build a Mediterranean house in the States?

modern mediterranean house overall price tag will definitely vary one from the other and many factors like materials, professionals and size all play a role in the final price to pay.

The size of the house to build always plays a role in the cost as this will require more materials and labor hours. Small Mediterranean house plans are also common, however, in a traditional sense, Spanish houses and others from the Mediterranean are fairly large. However, building on a smaller scale, is not impossible and they too will follow the basic characteristics that make these houses so unique.

The size of these homes are tailored to the space and lifestyle of the Mediterranean. This may send costs hiking given the size factors pertaining to overall floor per square meter as well as the roof size. An estimate for an average single story, double garage, 3 bedroom, 2 guest suites, a master suite and large verandah can cost around  $350,000.00 to build.

What are the pros and cons of a Mediterranean home?

Every house is special in its own way and they each have factors that can make them deliver a better advantage, while other aspects can contribute to the disadvantages of the home.


* Aesthetically, they are attractive and inviting. 

* They give the feel of being on “holiday” in the Mediterranean 

* They are good property investments 

* They make excellent family homes, perfect for large families 

* They have plenty of space inside and out.


* They are often large and cater to the environment of the Mediterranean which may not be beneficial for the area that you’re located in. 

* They can be expensive to build from scratch given the materials and architecture.

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