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  1. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  2. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
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    Need help with your home project?


The first and foremost thing of life is to have a place to live in. Only then come the other types of rooms and amenities. This article shows how to build a house, the different types you can choose from and the styles that can be applied to them. 

What is a house? 

It is a place for human habitation and dwelling. They vary from culture to country and serve different climatic conditions. A house generally comprises of bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a living room. However these can also change based on the type we live in. 

What types of houses exist? 

They are classified into three types based on the country of living. 


This is a house that is detached and single. It is the most expensive type of home to purchase due to the land costs. The house and the land is both owned by the the client. The repairs or maintenance is done by the people who pay the rent. All the other charges like electricity bill, water bills and other rents are paid by the tenant. 


A townhouse is a series that are, attached to each other. In each room, you share a wall on either side with the people who live beside you. Often, especially in cities, there may also be a smaller unit above each townhouse, so there could also be someone living above you or below you. The student dormitories and hostels are of this type where every room is attached to one another. 


This is a home joined to another on one side. These are also called twin houses sometimes based on the fact that if they are attached to one side they are similar looking houses. There might be sometimes a connection between the two houses if the owners wanted it. 


A duplex/triplex is a building that is divided into multiple units. Like semi-detached houses, these have their separate entrance and is responsible for the care of its own unit. Typically, you would buy the entire property and rent a unit to help offset your mortgage payments. Types of homes that are ‘duplexed’ or divided into two or more separate living units may be detached homes, semi-detached. 

What are the kinds of styles to apply? 

The hobby and liking towards a plant  is the most considered parameters for styling the houses Country 


types are separate villas or cottages that are put up outside the city limits. This style brings out a more relaxing situation with its designs. It is more preferred as a style used for weekend getaways or a vacation or retirement homes.


The asian style comes with inclined roofs to the sides and flat roof to the top, more in the form of a japanese hat. This style do not have any multi-storeys. They just have the ground floor. In addition to that, the doors and windows are made of bamboo or wood. There is also a wooden pathway in and around the house in a typical asian manner. 


The mediterranean style comes with a hot and humid climatic conditions. They are situated beside pools or coastal areas with its porch looking towards them. This style mixes a combination of a classical look and a modern look to give a different breed of style as a whole. 


This style come with metal and brick exposure. Their interiors exhibit more brick exposure instead of a clean painted wall. The furniture used show some metal out without any coating on them. Basically the idea is to make the stuff real and raw without any makeover for them. 


They primarily comprise of stone made buildings. The architecture of these buildings take us back to the era where stones were used to build. However the designs are quite modern in the interiors to make living better. Woodwork is also more on the interiors. 

Where can i find a perfect houses? 

homify is the place to find a perfect houses. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it 

Steps to design them 

There are 8 basic steps to design the houses. Any project takes about 6 months to one year complete on an average. 

1. Research 

The first step is to do research about budgets, lands and designs. This includes examining your current home and lifestyle, developing your design brief, deciding your baseline budget, exploring sources of professional advice for each stage of decision and familiarising yourself with the advice in this guide to inform your brief. 

2. Choosing the architect and the designer 

This is an really important milestone in your life and you do not want to make it bad with inexperienced and unknowledgeable professionals. An architect and the designer form the primary base for building a new home. The architect builds the layout plan and site analysis, while the designer decides how to style the building. Most people end up having a bad house because they chose the wrong people for the work. Homify offers professional of world talent. 

3. Site analysis 

Once the architect and the designer are chosen, the next step is to analyse the site on various aspects. Make use of the professionals to consider climate responsive design and site specific variables, orientation, cool breeze access, solar access, views, overshadowing by landforms, trees and buildings, slope, soil type, bushfires risks, stormwater drainage, access and transport and other services. It doesn’t make a perfect house if more than 3 of these aren’t suitable.

4. Design contract 

After all the considerations are done, we move on to discussing the fees charged by the professionals. We come to terms with them on the budget. Then a contract is signed by the client, architect and designer agreeing to all the terms being discussed before. 

5. Conceptualising 

This involves developing a concept for the building. The designers draw many sketches and designs with all the required structural detailing. This includes the structure, shape and size of all the stuff in the building including the exterior outlook of the building itself. This is called a blueprint and above which the real time designing is done. 

6. Design Development. 

The development is made on top the conceptualized blueprint. This development is a small scale model of what and how the house is going to look like. The client can view and give feedbacks on the model and also apply some changes to the model if necessary. 

7. Final Design 

This includes detailing of the drawings and models with dimension measurements and other parameters like angle tilt and radius. This is the work of a civil engineer who can sketch out the plans in a very empirical way. 

8.  Deployment 

The final act is to deploy the design into real time with builders. This is where the real work starts as the builders need to stick to the plan without any deviations. They will be supervised by architects and designers regularly to check on the progress of the work. 


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in creating houses and the steps involved in doing so. In the end, it all comes down to space and money when choosing the type and style. 

Other types of rooms 


As important as the other four rooms are, bathroom is equally important. The interior of a bathroom is defined by many professionals like plumber, architect and carpenters. Hence a bathroom provides lot of opportunities for various design purposes. 

Dining Room 

It is not very important to have it, but it is quite common to have separate room for eating purposes. If the space constraints don’t apply then the dining room can be designed in a way to live life just to eat.