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Home gym design ideas, inspiration & pictures


What if the place to workout is in the house? What if there is no need to travel to another place for it? Yes it is possible to have a gym at your place. This article explains the different types of gyms and the ways to design them. 

What is a Gym? 

It is a place to do the workouts and exercises. it can also be a fitness center or a place to practice lifting weights. All kinds of athletes can train, olympians, wrestlers, powerlifters and strongmen competitors. But  it can also be used as a routine to just stay fit for the regular people. For each of these purposes there are different kinds of gyms available with their respective training equipments and machines. 

What types of Gym exist? 

They are classified into three types based on hobby, time schedules and equipments that are used. 

Health Club 

Health clubs are generally focussed on diet issues. Yet, they also provide some stretches and exercises to complement the diet control. This club is mostly chosen by the middle aged and old aged people who need to focus on staying healthy and not focus on building muscle. 

Fitness center 

This gym comes useful for all athletes who look for a lean and ripped body. Fitness centers then again do not focus on building muscles. They focus heavily on reducing fat percentage levels and improve the endurance and agility for the athletes to help them perform well in the competitions. A type of fitness center is called crossfit centers that focus heavily on strength training and endurance on a balanced basis.  

Bodybuilding type 

These are well known for the amount of metal it carries. Bodybuilders focus on gaining muscle mass and rely purely on protein and a low-carb diet. These have all forms of weights for them to lift. They range from bench presses to dumbbells and smith machines. These are where the world’s greatest bodies are made. These are famous all over the world and are more common in vicinity. 

Circuit type 

These types are for olympians. People who perform track races and events train in these types of gyms. The equipments aren’t based on weight lifting but are rather focussed on lean muscle strength and outdoor training. . 

Fighter’s type 

These types are for boxers and martial arts fighters. People who train in this field require speed and power applied at the same time. Hence their training happens in a whole different way. The equipments used in this gym are different from rest of the gyms. The intensity is also equally more in the trainings undergone here. 

Powerlifters type 

As the name suggests, here it is all about weight lifting. And by wright lifting, no machines are used. All the training like bench presses, barbell squats, barbell shoulder press, barbell bent over rows and barbell deadlifts all are performed with the olympic barbell. Their training focuses on pure power and how much power can they put in to lift the weights.

Strongman circuit 

These circuits are on a whole new level made for super-human strength and abilities. The strongmen who train here are extremely strong and lift tons of weight which includes pulling a huge truck for several meters. The circuit training will include excessive strength training like lifting atlas stones, kegs and heavy wooden logs. The strongmen who train in this field are generally huge in size and do not have any muscle definition. This is because they depend on carbs for the energy to lift and pull all those heavy stuff. 

What are the kinds of styles to apply? 

The hobby and liking towards a plant  is the most considered parameters for styling the Gym 


They are mostly fighters the normal type. Asians are renowned for their martial arts abilities and skills. Hence a gym of this style will have equipments like bokken(wooden sword), bo(wooden stick), katana(real japanese sword) and so on. They use mats to train on instead of the hard floor. This is to help the martial artists train for throws and falls without being hurt. 


Country style comprises of the fitness centers and health clubs. They have small cafes, resting rooms, sauna and other active sports in their list of items. These are places where group workouts are done with an instructor. The country style gyms are very frequent in presence as they have become the current world’s need of the hour. 


The Mediterranean style consists of sauna, hot water baths and massage parlours. They are focused mainly on rehabilitation and recovery from muscle and body soreness. They are normally accompanied by swimming pools and a place to rest.   


This is more about the latest technologically advanced machines available to train. This style do not settle for the outdated ones, but always for the updated ones. From cardio machines to smith machines, this style is an upgraded version of all other gyms and is correspondingly costlier to get a membership. 


This style comes with outdoor circuit. The styling comes with metal and green combined. This forms a suitable style for track and olympic events and sometime for the strongmen events too. 

Where can i find a perfect Gym? 

homify is the place to find a perfect Gym. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it 

Steps to design them 

There are 4 basic steps to design the Gym. Any project takes about 3-4 months to complete on an average. 

1. Know the purpose

As listed, there are different types of gyms for different purposes. Know what you need the gym for. It can be for fitness, circuit, bodybuilding or powerlifting. The style, equipments and work area totally depends on the type and its purpose.

2. Plan the area 

Using an architect, the area for building a gym can be made out. As said earlier, the area of workout purely depends on the purpose and type of training. Circuit trainings are all done out doors. Hence the style of design will be based on outdoor space. For the others, they are mostly done on indoors. Most people choose the basement for the indoors.. They are easier to access and are secretive too. The area also depends on the location and climatic conditions too. 

3. Style the gym according to the type 

The next step is to style it as you like it. Architects and designers can be contacted to help you out with styling your gym. They can help in bringing layout and materials required to complete it. The equipments however needs to be ordered from a shop that makes the equipments. 

4. Protective and safety measures 

These are primarily important so as to have a first aid and countermeasures in case anything goes wrong while training. Fire extinguishers and other tools are necessary in case of any danger. 

5. Make the workout area fun 

This is depended on the individual’s taste for workouts and intentions. You can make designs or changes to the work area as and when required depicting your inner personalities too. That is what helps you to be motivated to train more. 


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in creating gyms and the steps involved in doing so. In the end, it all comes down to space and money when choosing the type and style. 

Other types of rooms 


As important as the other four rooms are, bathroom is equally important. The interior of a bathroom is defined by many professionals like plumber, architect and carpenters. Hence a bathroom provides lot of opportunities for various design purposes. 

Dining Room 

It is not very important to have it, but it is quite common to have separate room for eating purposes. If the space constraints don’t apply then the dining room can be designed in a way to live life just to eat.