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Glass doors: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Few modern designs can match up to glass doors when it comes to giving you an unparalleled view of the outside. Whether you live in a highrise apartment or house, with even a small garden, these types of doors are some of the most sought after in terms of unfettered, natural light, and beautiful views. Glass also gives you the ability to design a door which fits the interior design of your home. Glass doors can also create a sense of sophistication and a touch of class to a home with a myriad of types and colour palettes available to homeowners.

What’s so great about glass doors?

Glass doors have many design choices, from small windows to large ones, which make viewing the outside world easier. A window simply doesn’t have the same size available in a glass door, meaning they are the best choice for homeowners who crave natural light in their living spaces, even in winter weather conditions. Glass doors can also be used as an aesthetic choice with colored panes and intricate designs for an older more refined touch.

Glass door handle designs

Clear: A clear glass door has many uses, especially inside the home. It can be used to highlight a room and create the illusions of a larger space, or simply used as a viewing door in order to see a patio, pool or deck area.

Square leaded: Square leaded doors are a popular choice for people seeking the classic English home styles of the early 1900’s. They consist of doors with windowpanes divided with lead bars, which is fantastic for lighting a dark entrance hall, but does distort the picture of the outside slightly.

Diamond leaded: The same principle as the square leaded door, these designs distort the light slightly more than a square leaded door, due to the diamond shaping. Be careful if you really want to bring out the landscape behind this door, although the design is very intricate and beautiful, it may make the view less enjoyable. 

Georgian bar: Georgian bar doors are another classic British style, with dividers sealing each pane from the front and back. They tend towards a square or rectangle shape with 3 by 3 pane design, sometimes with a half circle above the head of the door.

Obscure: Obscure glass is meant for a sense of privacy. It is most commonly used on bathroom windows, and works very well for bathroom doors. It still allows for a great amount of lighting, but it doesn’t allow unwanted eyes to peep through. 

Half door bevel: Half bevel doors often incorporate the gothic style, with colored glass panes and scrollwork in the glass. These are often found on church buildings and entrances of larger homes, but are also quite common on smaller, older apartment blocks. They make very beautiful entrance doors.

Maintaining a glass door

Glass cleaning: Depending on the type of glass you have, a household window cleaner is a must have for smooth glass, but good ‘ole soap and water can also be used if you have clouded or obscure glass. Remember to remove excess water or cleaning agent to protect the material of the door. Apply soap with a soft towel or sponge and use as little water as possible, drying it afterwards.. 

Clean the door frame: Before you get into cleaning the glass, clean the door itself with a light soap and water mix. Doing it the other way around means that you can get the glass dirty again.

Oil the working parts: Whatever the design of your door, there will either be a track rail or hinges. Remember to lubricate these regularly to prevent rust and corrosion, and to keep your door from making unwanted sounds when opening and closing.

Glass door safety

Remember: For all of the added class and sophistication surrounding having glass doors, glass can still break, and is a safety hazard if not looked after properly. Try not to allow your door to slam as this can break the pane. Additionally, sometimes (especially if the door has been cleaned very well) it can be difficult to make out a glass pane. This is something you should think about when you have children in your home. 

How much do sliding doors cost?

Glass doors vary in price due to the sheer number of styles available to consumers. Depending on the type of door you have, replacing or repairing a glass door can also be simple, or very advanced, so we recommend you talk to a professional before deciding on a replacement or repair. Standard pricing on glass doors starts around $400.00 on the very low end, and can go as high as $2500.00 or more, without having a crew come to install the door for you, so consider all of your options when looking into getting one of these marvelous pieces in your home.