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Girls Bedroom: design ideas & pictures

How can I design a girl's bedroom?

Girls are little princesses at heart, and they love all things pretty and whimsical. Remember this when designing your little girl's bedroom as it will help you to create the perfect bedroom for your young lady. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a theme for your girl's bedroom design, too. Focus on the things she loves and enjoys, and create a theme around them. If she loves ballet, a ballerina themed room would be worth considering, and if she's into a cartoon character or animals, an animated or jungle theme could work well for her. So could an a nautical theme or a dots or striped theme. And if you want to keep it a bit more simple, you can use neutral colors and focus on the decoration elements of the room instead.

What color schemes work best for a girl's bedroom?

Once you've decided on a theme, you need to determine which colors work best for the chosen theme. Be creative and don't be afraid to try different colour combinations that have never been used. And remember, pink is a lovely color but that doesn't mean you little girl's bedroom should make her feel like she's being swallowed by a giant ball of cotton candy. There are plenty of colors out there, so step out of your comfort zone and include your little girl in planning her bedroom design. You'll be surprised at what she'll like, plus, it is her room after all, so her input is valuable.

For a feminine but strong look in your daughter's bedroom, combine a bright shade of pink with yellow, lime green and other bright accents. If your daughter's bedroom has white furniture, bright pink and orange will blend well with it. You can also layer multiple shades of pink for a soothing and uplifting look, or you can mix dusty pink with neutrals such as beige or taupe to create a romantic, grounded mood. If your daughter's bedroom decor has strong shades of black, use a richer shade of pink to give it a sophisticated, timeless look. Purple is also every princesses favorite color, and it can take a room in many directions depending on the shades used. To get a romantic look, combine purple with flowy white fabrics and white furniture, and for a modern or country feel, combine purple with touches of yellow or bright green. Bright purple with black accents can create a striking contemporary mood. Blue is seen as a boy's bedroom staple, but it can be made to look feminine or elegant when paired with white furniture and accents or contrasting or complementary colors. Soft or light blues provide a pretty backdrop for images of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and other artwork and accessories. Pastel colours create a light and dreamy look and feel, and look great when mixed with dark furniture and other supporting colors. Whichever colors you choose for your little girl's bedroom, make sure they're functional and fun, and make your little lady's bedroom as cute and comfortable as possible.

What are the essential furniture items for a girl's bedroom?

A girl's bedroom is where she rules and reigns, and her furniture needs to be pretty so she can practise her ruling skills, and practical so she can reign supreme each day. Always buy strong and durable furniture that will last. Here's a list of essential furniture pieces for your little lady's bedroom.

Bed: Being a princess is hard work, and your little beauty needs to sleep after a long day of ruling and reigning. Make sure her mattress is as comfortable as possible and protect it with a mattress protector. Use colorful bedding that blends in with the theme of the room and if space is an issue, choose a bunk bed or one that allows you to store things in or under.

Desk: Your young lady will need space in her room to write and draw to her heart's desire, so get her a desk and a comfortable chair and lamp for her to do so, and expect some great artwork for her wall or the fridge.

Storage: Girls like pretty things, and pretty things need storage space, and lots of it. Provide your princess with ample storage space in her bedroom. This will not only store her things but also keep the room tidy. If space is tight, get hanging shelves and drawers that she can reach. Today's storage facilities come in a wide range of shapes and colors that make packing toys away something to look forward to.

Shelves and drawers: Think out of the box when it comes to shelves and drawers. There are a range of hanging or wall shelves you can choose for your daughter's bedroom. Play with size and styles to give the bedroom an edge.

Play zone: Girls love playing, and it's an essential part of their growth and development. Create space in her room where she can entertain her dolls and enjoy her room.

How can I decorate a girl's bedroom?

The list of accessories you can use to decorate your girl's bedroom range from wallpaper, bedding, curtains, stickers, pictures and floor decals. For the best decor advice, contact a professional and find tons of inspiration on homify.