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Garden & landscaping design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The garden is a piece of land used to cultivate and nurture plants, flowers and shrubs. This little, or big, patch of green not only adds to the aesthetic of the home but aids somewhat in our survival, from the air we breathe to preventing soil erosion and even assisting in the mitigation climate change. Additionally, they can host pretty plants and flowers and can form a perfect relaxation spot.

What are some types of gardens?


They are wildflower gardens. Low in maintenance with a variety of plants. The advantage of having wildflowers is that they can mimic their natural habitat, meaning they can grow in any soil and any on land without restriction.

Shade greens

They are destined to grow and thrive in the dark.


These plants require sun and torrential rain to grow and survive. Some examples: Geraniums, Impatiens, Begonias, Elephant ears, Cannas and Caladiums.

Water type

Plants that are surrounded by water fit in this category. These water bodies can be small ponds, streams, waterfalls and fountains.


Paths, groups of stones, lanterns and wooden or bamboo structures (such as fences or bridges) are common. Unlike most other gardens, emphasis is placed more on simplicity rather than an abundance of plant life.


These types of drought-tolerant plants are usually planted in shallow grounds and they are able to extract as much water from the ground as needed.


This style gets its theme from the types of plants cultivated in the Mediterranean region. Mediterranean style incorporates influences primarily from Italy, Spain, Morocco and Greece but there are actually an additional 17 countries adding touches to this mix.


This type of garden uses informal design with traditional materials and dense planting with a mix of ornamental and edible plants.

Other Garden Styles:

- Country

- Minimalist


- Scandinavian

- Rustic

- Industrial

- Eclectic

- Colonial

- Classic

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How can I design my garden?

There are 5 basic steps to design the garden. Any project takes about 2-3 months to complete on average. All these steps can be done with the help of a professional.

What style of garden do I want?

Different garden styles require different design approaches. The climatic conditions and environmental factors also decide which style of garden can be achieved. homify can help you with choosing the right style for your garden.

What to keep in mind when planning a garden?

Site consideration and soil factors:

These two play a major role in designing a garden. Soil and the structure of an area are important to consider when deciding which seeds can be planted and which are not a realistic options.

Getting the area ready:

Before planting, the area needs to be prepared, unwanted seeds should be removed and water-logging is to be kept to a minimum.

Planting and cultivation:

Once the preparations are done, the seeds are planted in proper order and with correct spacing so that no two plants overlap while growing. They also need to be watered frequently to help them grow in a healthier and faster manner. If there are any water bodies in the garden, care must be taken to ensure that they aren’t leaked into the planting area, in which they may destroy the plants.


This is about adding organic matter such as manure to help the soil stay firm and hydrated so that the plant can actually grow. The depth of the mulch should be approximately 1-2 inches into the entire body of soil. Mulching also help the seeds and plants to mature faster and healthier.


If you want to give your garden a whole new look or just a neat little touch up, there are plenty of options regarding how you can go about it. From complete overhauls to the addition of flower beds or even a lone pot-plant, there’s no project that won’t add a little bit of additional beauty to the space. The best way to get started is to simply work from the ground up (pun intended!) and see your ideas transform into reality. The hardest part is usually figuring out the exact style that you want and determining what can actually be achieved in the space that you have. For example, you might be a fan of an Asian-style patio look, but have no meant to install flowing water or bonsais. So, find that balance, seek professional advice and get the whole process underway. Whether you’re looking for that initial inspiration or are already hoping to find the professional best suited to you, homify is here to assist.