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Tropical Style Garden Design Ideas & Pictures

What is a tropical garden?

Tropical gardens are wonderful to have at your residence as they invoke feelings of freedom and being one with nature. You can imagine the jungle and all the living creatures that call it home. If you love the outdoors or are simply looking to create the ideal garden for your home then a tropical garden could be your perfect match.

Tropical gardens are usually filled with plants and foliage as well as trees and provide a balance of shade and sun while being great for its environment as other plants need the shade of larger trees. It can in a word, be compared to a rainforest only “domesticated”.

You may be wondering what are tropical plants? Tropical gardens are filled with tropical plants such as the following: 

* Ferns – help create excellent foliage needed in a tropical garden setting 

* Orchids – are beautiful plants in a tropical environment and need a balance of light and shade to grow and survive, which is best in a tropical setting. 

* Stralizia and other “birds of paradise” – these plants can endure high temperatures and with their bright colors they give the garden a “chirpy” happy environment. 

* Hoya plant – they are beautiful little plants sporting delicate, colorful flowers

Other plants include the likes of ginger, jasmine, clivia, chenille plant, bromeliad, flamingo lily, delicious monster, and hibiscus to name a few

Typical features of a garden as a tropical design include the following:

* They are home to a variety of tropical plants 

* They will also often feature large and small trees strategically located 

* Their design may involve stone pathways and pebbles and ponds 

* Bamboo adds to the natural tropical look 

* Multi-color foliage not only catches the eye but adds to the beauty of this garden

Some homeowners even go ahead and plant their own herbs and spices which eliminate the need to buy in-store. Spices such as lemongrass, cardamom, coriander and mint can thrive in a tropical garden. This not only saves you money but also allows you to create a welcoming spice and herb scent within a floral environment which is a wonderful treat to your senses.

If your space is large enough for a pool then incorporating a pool in the midst of your tropical environment is simply perfect and visually it creates a great setting. Tropical gardens are not only reserved for large yard space but with the right help and supplies, you can create the same effect in a smaller garden by using small tropical garden ideas.

What does it cost to make a tropical garden for your home?

Tropical garden design plans will take the expertise and skills of a professional landscaper who is well versed in all things relating to the garden in question. Hiring a professional landscaper can be expensive, especially if you’re working with a large area of land and it will require even more plants and ground cover.

Estimated rates for a professional landscaper can vary across states at $4,000 which includes the structural plans and design of the garden to be made and more if you’re using a renowned designer. Their hourly rate is estimated at $50 to $100 an hour.

Materials can add up to quite a bit and this also depends on how much you’re using and whether or not your garden space is large or small. If your garden is small and you’re working with a smaller budget, your landscaper would also advise how to make the best of a small budget and small spaced garden.

Why should you hire a landscaper to assist with your garden?

Every plant is different and landscapers know which plants will thrive in certain environments, how much space they’ll need and the water supply required. Landscapers will draw up the tropical garden design plans that will best suit the garden you want.

However, even though they may not all assist with the labor involved, they will lead the project and help you make the most suitable decisions for the longevity and sustenance of your garden investment. Your landscaper can also advise you about the best methods to use to take care of your garden and whether you can make use of xeriscaping (making use of less or no water).

Pros and cons of a tropical garden


* They are not exclusive to tropical regions of the world

* They are extremely beautiful and flamboyant 

* They can increase the value of your property 

* They provide good shade on hot days

* It is the suitable environment for your quiet time, meditation and or yoga


* Tropical gardens require lots of water and maintenance 

* They are expensive to build and maintain 

* They can attract various critters (of which you may not be too keen about)

If you’re looking to create your ideal tropical garden for your home, then don’t hesitate to browse through the list of qualified professionals at homify and let them assist you with your gardening endeavors.