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Mediterranean Style Garden Design Ideas & Pictures

Turning your home into the perfect living spaces takes careful calculation of the  things you love and enjoy as well as creating a homely environment from the inside out. The exterior of your home play one of the most important roles as this is often the first thing that people see when they visit you. The Mediterranean style is popular for many things including giving your home a sense of warmth, charm and a relaxing, welcoming feeling. 

Mediterranean gardens are one of the oldest types of garden styles around, they are practical, simple and beautiful without all the fuss.

Mediterranean garden in a nutshell

Mediterranean gardens showcase some features that are synonymous to the design all over the world and these include but are not limited to the following key characteristics:

Enclosed with tall walls – by enclosing the garden, it protects the plants from drying winds as well as other elements. This design is popular in Mediterranean countries, but has also became loved in the US and is often featured in South West gardens. 

Good shade – while plants need sun and water to survive, they also need shade so that they don’t burn in extreme heat conditions. Shaded areas are a common feature of a Mediterranean Garden. 

Many trees – Mediterranean landscaping plants and trees that are mature will be efficient to provide cool shade and eliminate the need for air-conditioning. 

Patterned tiles – Mediterranean gardens make use of beautifully crafted patterned tiles that displays flowers and other plants as well as wrought iron accents. 

Using natural environmental features – these gardens have always been able to incorporate natural features and those built on a hill would use the stone where people will carve stairs into the stone to access the top.

It’s great to be able to bring your very own freshly grown herbs from the garden and into your kitchen and this is the way it’s done in Mediterranean gardens. Edible herbs will excite your senses and upon entering the garden you could be met with the wonderful scents of olives, rosemary, oregano, figs and citrus to name a few.
Mediterranean pots for plants are often terracotta featuring various types of plants. You can choose plants suited to your regions environment which allows the them to survive for longer.

Some common Mediterranean plants and trees suited to these types of gardens include
Container plants: 

* American Aloe (Agave Americana) 

* Bay Tree (Laurus nobilus) 

* English lavender 

* Common gum cistus 

* Yellow sage 

Grass types: 

* New Zealand Wind grass (Anemathele lessoniana) 

* Giant oat grass (Stipa gigantean) 

* Silver grass commonly known as “morning light” (Miscanthus sinensis) 

* Pheasant grass (Stipa calamagrotis)

Bold blooms:
* Valintine flower 

* (Crocosmia) Lilly of the Nile (Agapanthus) 

* Torch Lilly (Kniphohia)

Bold bloom flowers add some bright, bold color to the garden and are great even as pot plants.

Spanish-designed gardens can also feature water fountains and statuettes. What’s more is that having your very own Spanish style garden can allow you the opportunity to escape from the bustle of all that is around you and disappear into the tranquility of your gorgeous garden.

What is the cost to create your Mediterranean Garden for your home

To landscape your ideal Mediterranean garden will take ideas, planning and the keen eye of a skilled professional. The garden is a mix of ground cover, trees, potted plants and garden décor pieces.

The average estimate without a foundation being laid could be about $5,500. Do bear in mind that this price will differ for each state and is only an estimate.

Installing a sprinkler system can estimate around $3,000 and sprinklers alleviates you from having to keep tabs on watering your plants as they can be set to go off at a particular time each day.

Seeding a lawn can cost an estimate of $100 to $1,300 and continuous maintenance can cost about $200 to $500.

Hiring a professional landscaper can cost around $4,000 to $7,000

It’s always great to be able to tackle tasks by doing it yourself, but not all of us are able to do so. If your garden space is large, you may want to check in with your state municipality about any regulations.

Pros and Cons

Gardens also have both their ups and downs, and listed are some of these aspects: 


* Your Mediterranean designed garden can improve the price of your home. 

* Having a garden can help you to relax when spending some time amongst the natural beauty. 

* You can really express creativity and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a garden. 

* You can enjoy your own edible herbs from your garden and skip the store bought stuff. 


* Landscaping your garden can be very expensive especially when you need help taking care of everything related to it. 

* You may not always have time to tend to your plants and they may die. 

* Growing seeds that aren’t indigenous to your region may never thrive and grow well.    

Get in touch with one of our landscaping professionals at homify and let them help you to create your perfect Mediterranean garden.