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Garage & shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

People with cars sometimes park outside their apartment owing to the fact that there is no space. It  is essential to protect and maintain your automobiles. This article will tell you the different types of s and what they can be used for and also the stylings that can be applied to them. 

What is a garage?

It is an isolated room for parking cars and other automobiles. A  garage can also store items that are used to repair or maintain a car in a good condition. These tools are basically a mechanic’s tools relevant enough to take care of the car. These tools can paint, repair, or add accessories to the car as and when required. In addition to all these, it safeguards the car from all weather conditions, giving it a longer life. 

What types of garages exist? 

They are classified into three types based on different building materials. 


A single garage is a small one in comparison to the other two. The space occupied by it is low and it can easily hold one single car at a time. However, there will be enough space on all four sides of the car for the owner or driver to move around the car and to board in or board out easily. This space is necessary while fixing tires or doing a paint job. 


This type is spacious enough to hold two cars standing side by side. The room is spacious to hang all the automobile tools and also for walking through the area around the cars and in between them. 


The tandem isn’t common owing to its limited degree of convenience. It comprises of two single garages at two ends with a passage in between them. The problem with this type is that it only has one door. This means the car parked at the inner end can only move out if the car parked at the outer end moves out. However modifications can be done so that another door can be given at the other end too. This will make sure none of the cars are locked in due to the other. 


These are attached to the house and is a part of it. Mostly this type is one the ground level or in the basement. This is quite useful for people living in cold climatic conditions so they don’t have to move out every time they need the car. 


A detached garage is one which is available separately on the outside of the building. To access it people will have to move out of the building. This is useful in locations with good climatic conditions. Often this type is accompanied with a driveway around the house from the backyard.

What are the kinds of styles to apply? 

There are a lot of variations to garages based on the type of door or the building materials used. 

Swing up door 

This garage has a door that swings up for opening. This style of door is quite common for single garages as there isn’t much space consumed. The door is made to swing open to the outside.

Swing out door 

The door of this type opens outwards just like the usual double door opening. Since it is a double door style, you can imagine the space occupied by it is bigger. It can be used for single and double garages. 

Roll up door 

The roll up will have the door bundled to the top of the room. It can be pulled down and pulled up for closing and opening the garage respectively. This is the modern trend now as it cancels out the space constraints when the first two stylings do not work. 

Slide door 

This comes as an alternate to the roll up. This door slides to the side of the garage while opening. But it becomes a problem when the garage is put up at an end and there isn’t any space to the sides of it. 

Wood door 

This is very traditional but adds lot of beauty to the garage. Wooden doors need maintenance due to dust and other factors. The wooden designs can be altered in many ways according to the liking of the owner. 


Steel is expensive but durable. However the metal will start to rust. Hence some people use fiberglass coating on top of it to avoid rust. However the color of the steel will come off. Maintenance is huge when it comes to steel doors. 


They are of low maintenance. This is due to the fact that they are rust proof and at the same time not as expensive as steel. 

Where can i find a perfect garage? 

Homify is the place to find a perfect garage. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it 

Steps to design them 

There are 5 basic steps to design the garage. Any project takes about 3-4 months to complete on an average. 

Scout and plan the area 

First and foremost thing to do is to scout the area around the house and in the house based on attached or detached type. Planning the area will include the number of cars you have, the amount of garage tools required and the amount of space you own. An architect can help you plan this. 

Get the permit 

Building a garage is not easy as it will not be done on private property if it is a detached one. Hence you need to apply for a garage permit in order to build one. This can be done by approaching the city’s office which will direct you the steps involved in doing so.

Choose the style of garage 

Once the permit is got, the next step is to choose a styling for it. Based on the above mentioned stylings, one of it can be chosen in accordance to the relevant space criteria discussed. Further stylings can be check out at homify. 

Design it 

An interior designer, an electrician and constructor can help you out on this. The designer to sketch the layout of the garage, the electrician to do the lighting and power source work and the constructor to build it from scratch. The contractor will coordinate the work done by the other three professionals. 

Paint job 

Once it is built, the important thing of a garage is to do a paint job. This can be a graffiti on the walls and doors or just some professional design to represent an idea. 


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in creating garages and the steps involved in doing so. In the end, it all comes down to space and money when choosing the type and style.

Other types of rooms 

Conservatory It is a room dedicated for the sole purpose of growing, cultivating and protecting plants and flowers. It is mostly designed by glass doors and walls. It also has ventilations on the roof for sunlight and air to circulate around the plants. Maintenance is essential as if not protected properly, the plants will fade away and the entire room will be a mess.. 

Dining Room  It is not very important to have it, but it is quite common to have separate room for eating purposes. If the space constraints don’t apply then the dining room can be designed in a way to live life just to eat.