Dining room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

It is quite common to have separate room for eating purposes. If the space constraints don’t apply then the dining room can be designed in a way to live life just to eat. This article talks about the different types of dining rooms and the styles applied to them. 

What is a dining room? 

It is a room dedicated for the sole purpose of having food or snack. Generally they consist of tables, chairs and other relevant furtnitures required. The size of the dining room depends on how big the family and friends circle is. The bigger the circle, the bigger should be the room to accommodate all of them who drop by for a munch. 

What types of dining rooms exist? 

They are classified into two types based on size and requirements.. 

1. Traditional  dining room 

These are very formal dining rooms. They have a table and a set of chairs. All of them look elegant and mildly furnished with the type of wood used for them and also cushions for the seats. Further furniture addition will be cupboards with plates and drinking glasses arranged like a trophy cabinet. This makes a very formal dining room look. 

2. Informal dining room 

These are also known as get-together rooms. They are pretty casual and do not concentrate on how grand or formal it looks. It has a large set of chairs to accommodate all people. The other furnitures can be basically anything, like fireplace, glass windows, TV deck and so on. 

What are the kinds of styles to apply? 

The purpose and space are the two most considered parameters for styling the dining room. 


The far east designs have the tables that are present very low or do not have any stands at all. Asians like to eat sitting on the floor. This style has the tables and cushions placed on the floor and the tables are generally huge for many people to sit as a custom of the asian countries. 


Classic styles have a traditional look. The table is not so long and there are lights hanged above the table for lighting. The furnitures are not so stylish but are kept very plain with neutral colors. 


This style has tables and chairs as products of a furniture industry. An example can be table can be made of different kinds of wood and polished with a particular design. The chairs can be made of fabric all over instead of plastic or wood. The surrounding furnitures can be designed in any way required but the tables and chairs are given neutral colors. 


As the name suggests the furnitures used in this room are minimal. Mostly, they consist of tables and chairs and a few racks to use it either for books or anything else. 

Where can i find a perfect dining room? 

homify is the place to find a perfect dining room. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it 

Steps to design them 

There are 5 basic steps to design the dining room. Any project takes about 2 months to complete on an average. 

1. Planning 

The scope of the work and the rough estimates are planned by the contractor. A list of what are the materials and furnitures required are noted down, with careful consideration of the surroundings. The budget will vary considering the space and designs requested by the client. The contractor and the interior designers will take up this job. The things to be planned will be the lighting and furnishing scope. Depending upon the budget and luxury, the contractor and designer will charge 30% of the total budget. 

2. Electrical and plumbing rough-in 

Rough-in means the work done behind the walls and under the floor. Hence before painting or furnishing the bedroom, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are done wherever necessary as per the design plan. The electricians and plumbers will charge around 20-25% based on their experience and efficiency. The contractors will coordinate them into managing their work hours and fee. 

3. Laminations and coatings 

The next step is to laminate or coat the tables and other furnitures.  All the necessary designs and colors are used to coat. Special coatings are also made so as to withstand any damage done to the walls and also stop removal of the paint due to environmental factors. These are done by floorers. Working under the contractor, they can charge around 20% of the total budget. 

4. Furnishings 

Once all the painting is done, the required furnitures are added to the room. Tables, chairs, lightings, wall hangings, fire place and every required furniture is brought in. 

5. Doors and windows 

Then the design work for doors and windows are done after the furnishing and painting in the interiors. This work is carried out by joiners and carpenters. 


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in creating dining rooms and the steps involved in doing so. In the end, it all comes down to space and money when choosing the type and style.

Other types of rooms 


A room that increases the value of a house. The more the number of bedrooms the more valuable the house is. There will be no house without a bedroom, a place to sleep in. It is an important part of the residential design. 


Most clients prefer to have a gym at their residence as a part of time saving process. Hence having gyms at residences is now an important part of architectural construction of a house. The contractor model houses with an added gym in it.