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Boys Bedroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I design a boy's bedroom?

Boys are busy bodies who love adventure, and when designing your little boy's bedroom, you should take this into account. When it comes to choosing a theme to match your son's personality, you're spoilt for choice. If your son loves the outdoors, a jungle theme would work, or if he likes discovering new things, a pirate theme could be what he needs. And if he likes saving the day, consider an animated superhero theme, but if he's got a need for speed, a sports car theme would work. The list is endless, and once you know what he's into, it'll be easy to find decor items that match his theme. Once you've decided on a theme, you need to see what colors work best for the chosen theme. Sports-themed bedrooms  normally have red as a base color, while a jungle theme will have more natural colors such as brown and yellow. These colors can be incorporated into most decorative items in your son's bedroom. Also, think about the functionality of the room and how you can make it a comfortable place for him to rest, play and explore his adventurous side.

What color schemes work best for a boy's bedroom?

Choosing the right color for your son's bedroom wall will depend on a number of things. The theme, the size, furniture, the style and how far you want to take the design. For a more natural look, choose earthy colors such as beige, orange, brown and mustard. For a sunny look, you can use green and yellow to give the room a bright boost. For a nautical theme, go for white, navy blue and red, and if you're looking for a more classic feel, red and blue are your best bet. If your son's bedroom has red furniture such as a racing car bed or framed pictures or posters, a warm latte paint color will make it pop. For an older boy's room, grey paint works well with dark furniture, and blends well with bright blue and red accents. If your son is an energetic and eager beaver, he might like a combination of red and orange, anchored by unpainted wood furniture. Don't be afraid to try out different color combinations as you might be pleasantly surprised on how well they suit your boy's bedroom.

What are the essential furniture items for a boy's bedroom?

A boy's bedroom needs to be as functional as it is fun, and not only should the furniture be cool, but it must also be durable. Here's a list of essential furniture pieces for your little man's bedroom. 

Bed: This is the biggest and most essential piece of furniture in the room. A good, comfortable bed is a great investment, and whether it's in the shape of a car or a castle, make sure the mattress is of a good quality. Protect it with a mattress protector and use colorful bedding that works with the theme of the room. A bed can also be used as storage space, so choose one you can store things in or under if space is an issue.

Desk: Your little boy's imagination is big, so get him a desk that will help him put all that creativity onto paper with a sturdy desk, comfortable chair and study lamp.

Storage: Whether he's a prince by day and a pirate by night, your little boy will need a place to pack all his toys and findings before bedtime, so provide him with storage space in his bedroom. This not only stores his things but also neatens the room and gives him more space to play. Nowadays, storage facilities come in a range of cool designs and styles, so choose one that will make him want to use it, like a treasure chest to put in all his treasure in, or an oversized magic box to store all his magic tricks.

Shelves and drawers: Think out of the box when it comes to shelves and drawers. There are a range of hanging or wall shelves you can choose for your son's bedroom. Play with size and styles and even where to hang them in the room to give it an edge.

Play Zone: Boys love to play, and it's an essential part of their development, so create space in his room where he can jump, crawl, hop and play with his toys.

How can I decorate a boy's bedroom?

The range of items you can use to design your boy's bedroom with are endless. Here are just a few.

Wallpaper: There's a variety of cool and and crazy wallpaper designs to use on your son's bedroom wall. You can use wallpaper for the whole room or just one wall. Wallpaper is pretty easy to apply and can be changed as often as you need to, like when your little boy outgrows his room design and you need to change it into a teen room. It's also a great way to decorate his room without using a lot of elements.

Curtains: There's no reason not to use curtains as a design piece in a boy's bedroom. You can get curtains that match the theme of the room, or just a great design pattern such as stripes, stars or landscapes.

Bedding: Bedding is an ideal way to decorate your son's bedroom in an instant. There are plenty of options to choose from, and bedding usually comes in sets, so most packs have everything you'll need, from duvet covers to pillowcases and sheets. Don't settle for average design ideas for your boy's bedroom. Get the help of a professional to help bring your ideas to life, and for inspiration, browse through homify for a range of boy bedroom styles and designs.