Bedroom interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The bedroom, our favorite room in the house. Literally the room where dreams are had. We love this room! It is where you go to relax and sleep. What is not to love? This is the room that increases the value of a home, both in rent and when purchasing one. It is an invaluable room.

What types of bedrooms are there?

Master bedroom

The master bedroom must have an adjoining bathroom. In some cases, the master bedroom will also have a balcony/terrace. The bathroom and balcony is only accessible through the master bedroom.

Kids bedroom

As the name suggests, this is the baby and young kids room. They are childproof to ensure that the environment and or object(s) are made safe for children.   

Teen Bedrooms

This is when the teen has the space to make it their own. A bed, closet and room for study is a must.

Dorm bedrooms

Dormitory bedrooms, dorm for short, are the ones located at university or a community. No rules are set in stone with dorm bedrooms, they could have more than one student, and they can have a private bathroom or shared one.

Guest bedroom

Much like a hotel room, this room is set up for the sole purpose of receiving a guest.  

What are the kinds of styles to apply?


Eclectic is a result of many combinations of color patterns around the room to give it a more unique look. There is no uniformity to this style.


This style provides a casual environment with its wood, green and  white patterns. Although there is a relaxed toned to the this style, there isn’t really a miss-match to this style.


It uses texture and patterns that give a bold look to the room. Think of sunshine and bold colors, cold materials such as slate.


The color palettes vary in neutral tones: white, gray and light blue to provide a soothing look. Silk and extra fine linen make up the bed. Plenty of pillows and throws to furnish the room.


Contemporary rooms are furnished with sleek furniture, solid colors and chic accessories.


This style gives a calm and serene look all over. Based on the locality or the requirements, different asian traditions are brought to life with this style of design.


They consist of neutral colors and minimal furnishings. Modern encompasses both  the Scandinavian style or Minimalist style, or a combination of both. But sleek lines and neutral colors are a must.

Steps to design them

There are 7 steps to design the bedroom. Any project can take up to 2 months to complete on an average.

1. Planning

The scope of the work and the rough estimates are planned by the contractor. A list of what are the materials and furnitures required are noted down, with careful consideration of the surroundings.

2. Electrical and plumbing rough-in

Rough-in means the work done behind the walls and under the floor. Hence before painting or furnishing the bedroom, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are done wherever necessary as per the design plan.

3. Framing and Drywall

A subcontractor can be used to do the framing and set up the drywalls. In addition to that texturing the walls can also be done.

4. Paint

The next step is to paint the room.  All the necessary designs and colors are used to paint. Special coatings are also made so as to withstand any damage done to the walls and also stop removal of the paint due to environmental factors.

5. Furnishings

Once all the painting is done, the required furnitures are added to the room.

6. Doors and windows

Then the design work for doors and windows are done after the furnishing and painting in the interiors.

7. Cleaning up

After all this work there will dust and debris left over behind which needs to be cleaned up.   

Now the fun part starts, accessorizing your bedroom and making it yours, with your unique style stamped on it. Don’t forget that homify is the place to find a perfect bedroom.

How can I make my bedroom unique?

There are a few steps to achieve this unique and personal look, by answering these questions:

What type of storage do I want?

Under the bed: Convenient for storage, out of sight out of mind. But not easily accessible. Good to store things that are not for everyday use.

Wall storage: These include shelves, book cases, wall units, they can be extremely stylish and give your bedroom a unique touch. They are many materials used for this type of storage, you can have wood, plastic, recycled, upcycled materials.

Closet: are the most accessible and easy storage for day-to-day use. Not only it’s a convenient type of storage, it can be a very stylish one as well. You can have different size closets, in different materials, colors, and they can make a statement in any bedroom.

What kind of lighting do I want?

Reading Lamp: as the name suggests, it is the lamp that sits at your bedside, reading a book in bed, lighting is crucial.

Floor Lamp: These are freestanding lamps that usually all it needs is a corner and a plug. There are a variety of them, both in size, shape and color. Make your bedroom more you by picking ones that goes with your personality.

For a better night’s sleep include these items: candles, ear plugs, eye mask, aroma.

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