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Modern Style Bedroom Design Ideas & Pictures

Modern architecture and styling is more often than not, moving toward clean, minimalistic lines and neutral colour. To some of us this might sound somewhat boring, but in fact, when used in the right way, these elements can tread the delicate line to  create a beautiful living space. Nowhere is this more evident than in a modern bedroom. 

Elements of a modern bedroom

Choosing what elements to add to your bedroom is quite an important task, as it’s the space you’ll be in most of the time. Nothing sums up the American ideal as well as “bigger is better”, and while this certainly does count for some things, with modern architecture and design it’s not always the case. Don’t mistake lack of furniture for lack of character though, because the character of the space it the entire point behind the modern aesthetic. 

The design elements which go into a modern bedroom are part what you put into the room, and part what you choose to “show off”. Specific pieces, be they the main bed, or perhaps a beautiful view, the bedroom should be about your tastes and what you decide is important to you, because your time is going to be spent here.

Choosing furniture for a modern bedroom

When you start your search for furniture, the first thing you will look for is (obviously) a bed. Look at the style of your room and try to find a matching style. If you can match colors on the head or footboard or as well, that’s icing on top of the cake. Pick out sets of linen which also fit the style and colour of your room, this will mean that the bed is already playing a part in creating the aesthetic you want. 

Bed side tables or drawers are next up and again, you’ll want to stick to a style. Wooden pieces are very popular for durability and also for the look, as well as the ability to be painted in almost any colour you wish should you need it. Choose something which fits your aesthetic and also your lifestyle. Simple things apply here, for instance, don't go for a plain wooden topped table if you like to have a glass of water near you at night.

Be careful when you are choosing other furniture like couches or other tables, as these can clutter a room if not chosen with something specific in mind. Remember to keep the space clean and open with enough room to move freely. 

Lastly, your cabinets (if they aren’t walk in or recessed into the wall) should match your bed if possible. Check to see how wide they are and try not to pick out something which protrudes too far from the wall. You’ll want to find something which is practical yet elegant. 

Selecting the decoration for a modern-themed bedroom

The next thing to think about is decorating the room. What you may want to do is actually see the space with all of the furniture in it’s place before deciding what the room needs. If you can’t seem to get an idea, then there are lots of professionals out there who can help you to figure out exactly what you should be doing. 

Unlike the classic bedrooms in older homes, which can easily show a plethora of pictures and interesting things to make the room feel lively and warm, modern bedroom styling is much more selective. Everything should ideally have a purpose. 

You can use elements for color such as curtains which match a single ottoman, or a colorful flowering pot plant to add just a touch of something aside from the other color in the room.  Be careful not to overdo pictures of framed items, and select specific frames and pictures which fit the aesthetic of the space.

Revamping your bedroom

If you're wanting to redo your bedroom space, the first thing we’d suggest is talking to a professional interior decorator about what items would be the best fit for you. They will have a fountain of knowledge which will assist you in really finding the right pieces of furniture to help you make the most of your space. 

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that the style of your house suits a modern style interior. Having said that, the interior of an older house can be modernized in some interesting ways. 

You can add contemporary styling to classic pieces of furniture, giving the pieces a certain sense of second life. If you like, you can choose to go the color route and pick out a color which is unexpected in a classical home, such as a deep warm ochre in a colonial styled bathroom.

For pieces of furniture which have stood the test of time but look like they’ve been around for a while, why not try to redecorate them with an interesting throw, or perhaps get them reupholstered completely.

Choosing art is also a big part of modern furnishing, so choose interesting pieces with purpose. Again, ty to make sure that every peice has a point, and don’t hang things at random.

Modern lighting is key

Lastly, before considering what to do with your bedroom, remember that lighting plays an important pat in how your room is put together, and can play an integral part in accenting anything in particular. 

Don’t go for the common lampshades you can find in any home store though, research what modern styles are new and interesting and can give you the best look for  the style which you're trying to achieve. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, so take your time to decide on what you like best. You can go for the classic halogen bulb, a steampunk style hanging light with no shade, or even opt to do ultra modern LED strip lights to light up the room from the sides of the ceiling.

Ultimately, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and the place which you want to feel most comfortable, so make sure that you choose the right fittings, pieces and colours for you. There are lots of professionals who can help you with a room revamp, and the possibilities are endless!