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Mediterranean Style Bedroom Design Ideas & Pictures

The design and décor play a very important role when it comes to creating the perfect home, from start to finish. In essence, you’d like to create something that you’ll be comfortable living in every day so making it homely and designed to your preference is always important. Mediterranean homes are one of the most popular designs in the world, taking cues from Europe and the Middle East to give that perfect blend of sophistication and comfort.

What is the Mediterranean bedroom?

When we think of a Mediterranean bedroom and Mediterranean style homes we think of grandeur with touches of old world charm, luxury, comfort and attention to fine detail. What makes Mediterranean design unique is the special take to fittings, fixtures, layers and colors to name a few. It may sometimes incorporate a mix of Moroccan mosaics and tiles throughout the home.

Here are some key factors in any Mediterranean décor setup:
* Fixtures tailored to the theme 

* Rugs 

* Wooden flooring 

* Wooden beamed ceilings 

* Hand carved furniture (dark wood) 

* Wools, silks and cotton materials 

* Drapes rugs pillows and ottomans

Mediterranean homes are also known for their grand hallways, pillars and arches. What you can expect to see from a Mediterranean themed bedroom are key features such as mentioned above, as well as the following:

Lighting features include lamp fixtures, downlights and chandeliers.


Rugs are no stranger to the Mediterranean inspired home and they often feature in bedrooms. These can be the likes of Moroccan or Persian rugs.


It’s common with Greek and Spanish inspired bedrooms to find the likes of deep blue hues, aqua blues, bright honey-kissed yellows and also terracotta and oranges. These colors can accompany the paint on the walls or be incorporated in the materials used to decorate the room itself.


The walls are often white-washed and plastered, while some may also showcase a feature wall that could be incorporate stone cladding; sand rubbed or aged looking walls.


Dark wood furniture is often used and bedrooms can incorporate a four-poster bed with a mosquito draped net. The windows are usually covered with draping opposed to shutters and the wardrobe and dresser can also be the likes of dark wood, hand-crafted furniture. A classic headboard feature is common in these designed bedrooms.

How common is the Mediterranean inspired bedroom in the states?

Since this design home is popular all over the world, one can thus enjoy the feel of Mediterranean furnished bedrooms throughout USA.

Pros and Cons
Mediterranean inspiration is loved by many folks throughout the world, but as with all things every design can have its ups and downs. What can we say about the advantages and disadvantages of bedrooms with a Mediterranean design?


* They are rustic and beautiful in many ways, giving you the feel of homely comfort.

* They are often large, providing adequate space for moving about and even incorporating a dressing room. 


* The room may not be suitable for everyone’s liking 

* Creating a bedroom in Mediterranean style can be expensive depending on the materials used 

* Alterations can be costly if the room is renovated to change the ceiling (to add wooden beams or extensions)

The location of the bedroom can also add to its pros and cons. For instance, a bedroom located at the back of the house could be better for peace and quiet. If the bedroom is located in the front of the house it can offer a better vantage point to the front entry, however, the noises of the street in front could disrupt your quiet.

What would it cost to create a Mediterranean style bedroom?

When considering the Mediterranean, and being inspired by places like Italy, Greece and Spain, one can think about the warm temperatures, sunny bright skies and a comfortable environment.

The price tag is influenced by various aspects and these may include but not be limited to:

* Hiring a professional  can range between $1,800 to $8,000 ($50 to $200 per hour) 

* Finding the best materials may vary one project to another depending on what is used 

* Alterations could be expensive if this will incorporate breaking down walls and installing windows and more, roughly $10,200 to $30,000

Any alteration and renovation to be done to your bedroom should follow the laws of the authorities involved, these may include extensions, electrical work and plumbing where necessary. If you want to achieve good results and satisfaction at the end of your project, making use of skilled professionals is more appropriate than DIY solutions.

Greek style bedroom ideas for décor prices can vary over a wide range depending on the materials and quality. What you’d need to consider is the cost of the interior decorator or planner, as well as whether or not you’re willing to import certain fabrics and items.
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