Country Style Bedroom Design Ideas & Pictures

Your bedroom is to you, very likely the most important room in the house. It serves as your resting place, your sanctuary from the rest of the world, and it should be. Whether it be a big comfy bed with a nice view, or a little single sleeper in a tiny backwoods log cabin, your bedroom is what makes your house feel like home. Country bedrooms are, in terms of modern bedrooms, some of the coziest, and most comfortable places there are, and once you get a feel for country style, perhaps you’ll agree. 

Defining country style

Country styling incorporates many of the features we see in classical and colonial decoration. With large comfortable chairs, big 4 poster beds, and warm color everywhere, there’s something inviting about country that just feels good. 

Space is quite big feature in this particular style because the rooms in a country house are often larger than their urban counterparts. Natural color and thick wooden accents permeate every aspect of country styling, especially when you’re working in a craftsman or ranch home. 

Rooms often have large windows for natural lighting and a great view, which also reconnects the people living in the space with the natural world outside. This is also part and parcel of what makes country styling what it is, a mix of classical style and old home warmth married perfectly with a connection to nature. 

If you are thinking about getting your room changed. And country is already starting to sound like an option, then why not contact a professional who can give you the right kinds of advice, and help you get going on the dream bedroom you've always wanted? 

Choosing beds and other furniture for a country-style bedroom

It goes without saying that the first and most important item you’ll be choosing for the room is the thing that the room is named after… The bed. Beds in country homes are usually big, unlike some more minimal styles, and can often have 4 poster pillars set up at the head and foot of the bed. This will come in handy when thinking about color and feel for the room, especially since the traditional 4 poster is made from wood. It is most common to find a double bed with large pillows on it and a comfortable cotton duvet, offset by carefully chosen blankets. 

You will also want to have bedside tables and lamps, and as often as you can try to use wood for these too. A very common trick used in country styling is to use a little sanding and a touch of paint work to make the wood look distressed. This is done so that the furniture you’ve chosen looks like it’s been well used and so that the room itself looks lived in.

Cabinets and storage spaces are usually large, have big swinging doors and are made of dark wood. Sometimes, though,  if space is limited to a smaller area like that available in an attic room, you can use shelves instead of full cabinets, which also look great if you’ve made them from a dark wood. 

Country-themed interior design: Warm color or cold color?

Country style is one of the warmest in terms of color, and it shows in everything. Mixing large wooden floors with brick or stone walls, or warm light creams and yellows on wooden or plaster walls are a great place to start. Once you know the palate you want, you can use specific pillows and cushions to accent a chair or the bed. 

Continental pillows are a fantastic area to add dashes of red and orange, since they’re big enough to make a difference, but not as overpowering as a whole red duvet for instance. If you have chosen a very warm color spectrum, then look into adding a few cushions in different colors within the spectrum can really be a boost to any piece of furniture. 

Another thing which is loved in America is flannel. You can get checked patterns in throws or on curtains, which really help to add that country feel. One of the great things this adds to is also a touch of busy color which doesn’t overpower anything else in the room.

Designing your Country Bedroom

Once your bed, cabinets and paintwork are all settled and in the places they need to be, then you can start looking at finishing touches. 

Wall space is great, but while modern styles would objectively argue against filling these up, country doesn’t. Country style unashamedly demands that spaces be used, but wisely. Choose a nice ornate mirror to give the room a larger and more classic feel. Hang some portraits or paintings in select places if you enjoy art, or if you are a family person, find some good quality pictures and frame them to hang where they will be noticed. 

Be sure not to obstruct your view of the outside, since part of what country design leans toward is the connection to nature. Keep window dressing in the same warm color and mimic natural tones with either something similar to a flowering plant or a warmer dark green.

Look for classic items to use as storage space, such as old railway trunks or large, rustic wooden cupboards. Lastly, if you have a purely wooden floor you can dress this up with a nice carpet or rug. Persian rugs are a fantastic addition if you’ve opted for the more classical English cottage feel, or large padded belgotex style rugs in a single natural color can also serve more modern looking country homes. 

Whichever way you decide to turn with your final decorations, be careful not to tread too close to the line between what looks warm and inviting and what looks disorganized and chaotic. Remember that a lived in look can still be neat, and choosing the right items for a bedroom can really add to the experience of being in your own personal space.

If you feel like a change, and country appeals to you because of its vibrant color combinations or it’s unique sense of simplicity and warmth, then consider talking to a professional about the right items to put into your bedroom for that old country feel.