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Bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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A room that increases the value of a house. The more the number of bedrooms the more valuable the house is. There will be no house without a bedroom, a place to sleep in. It is an important part of the residential design. This article talks about the different types and styles that can be applied to a bedroom. 

What is a bedroom?

It is a room dedicated for the sole purpose of sleeping and relaxing. Mostly it consists of a bed or beds, lamps, a small table, a closet. However other furnitures like tables, chairs, flower vase can be added to the collection for the betterment of the feel and look the room has. Every house has at least one bedroom which may vary in size as per the requirements and space constraints. 

What types of bedrooms exist? 

They are classified into three types based on requirements and space. 

Master bedroom 

They are a good escape plan from everyday stress and anxiety for the adults. This type consists of an adjoining bathroom too. Some cases will have sliding glass doors that will connect to a deck or patio, which provides a good place to relax and spend some private time.

Kids bedroom 

For families with kids, this is a must have room in their houses. Unlike the master, this one is a little tricky in designing, as they have to consider the needs of the kids. The walls and other interiors will be designed for a child to learn and play with. In particular the furnitures are chosen so as they don’t get hurt while playing around.  There is also plenty of storage space in their room for them to keep their toys and clothes.  

Teen Bedrooms 

These rooms reflect a teenager’s personality. They spend a lot of time in their rooms. Half of its space will be an area to do their homework, like tables, chairs, table lamps. And the other half has beds, closets and racks to store their personal belongings. 

Dorm bedrooms 

This type differs based on dorms. Some have bathrooms joining two adjacent rooms while some are completely independant. Dorms have very common items in the living space that suits both genders of students. No further enhancements or installments can be done in a dorm bedroom as it will be owned by the college. Some rooms will have multiple beds one on top on another. This type is used when there are a lot of students and there is a space restriction for them. 

Guest bedroom 

Guest rooms are quite the same as a normal adult room. Except it provides adequate storage space for clothes with hangers for the guests to put up their clothes or coats on. It also has a bathroom attached to it for emergency purposes. It is also made to look fancy with decorations in different colors. Chairs are also sometimes a part of the guest room for them to relax. 

What are the kinds of styles to apply? 

The purpose is the most considered parameters for styling the bedroom 


Eclectic is a result of many combinations of color patterns around the room to give it a more adhesive look. The primary colors aren’t chosen, but a few from the deeper palettes are chosen with multiplying combos to give a different look in the end. The combinations of colors maybe between walls, doors, mattresses, bed sheets and walls. 


This style provides a casual environment with its wood and green patterns. This serves as a good purpose for having guest rooms, which should be quite relaxing and as a leisure. 


It uses texture and patterns that give a bold outlook for the room. It also uses older versions of the designs incorporated with the new ones to bring out an entirely new look. This will be applicable to all the furnitures and walls inside the room. 


The colors used will be white, grey and light blue patterns to provide a soothing look. The beds and pillows will be made of a soft fabric to enhance the mood of a couple. The amount of furnitures is also less in comparison to the others. 


They are more feminine with sleek furniture, solid colors and chic accessories. Together they make a perfect room for a girl. A lot of furniture and accessories need to be added to do this styling and hence requires more space than the others. 


This style gives a calm and serene look all over. Since it is asian, it comes with a touch of japanese designs on everything in the room. Based on the locality or the requirements, different asian traditions are brought to life with this style of design. 


They consist of neutral colors and minimal furnishings. That is the trend in the modern style patterns. The modern look is more simple and stylish achieving the result with minimal design. 

Where can i find a perfect bedroom? 

homify is the place to find a perfect bedroom. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it

Steps to design them 

There are 7 steps to design the bedroom. Any project takes about 2 months to complete on an average. 

1. Planning 

The scope of the work and the rough estimates are planned by the contractor. A list of what are the materials and furnitures required are noted down, with careful consideration of the surroundings. 

2. Electrical and plumbing rough-in 

Rough-in means the work done behind the walls and under the floor. Hence before painting or furnishing the bedroom, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are done wherever necessary as per the design plan. 

3. Framing and Drywall 

A subcontractor can be used to do the framing and set up the drywalls. In addition to that texturing the walls can also be done. 

4. Paint 

The next step is to paint the room.  All the necessary designs and colors are used to paint. Special coatings are also made so as to withstand any damage done to the walls and also stop removal of the paint due to environmental factors. 

5. Furnishings 

Once all the painting is done, the required furnitures are added to the room. 

6. Doors and windows 

Then the design work for doors and windows are done after the furnishing and painting in the interiors. 

7. Cleaning up 

After all this work there will dust and debris left over behind which needs to be cleaned up.   


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in creating bedrooms  and the steps involved in doing so. In the end, it all comes down to space and money when choosing the type and style. 

Other types of rooms 


Most clients prefer to have a gym at their residence as a part of time saving process. Hence having gyms at residences is now an important part of architectural construction of a house. The contractor model houses with an added gym in it. 

Dining Room 

It is not very important to have it, but it is quite common to have separate room for eating purposes. If the space constraints don’t apply then the dining room can be designed in a way to live life just to eat.