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Bathroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The bathroom is the space dedicated to personal hygiene and relaxation, the bathroom usually consists of a toilet, bathtub and/or shower, mirrors and a sink. Additionally, a lot of other accessories can be added to make the design more personal and some people might even add music systems and TV consoles, provided space and money permit.

What to keep in mind when planning a bathroom?

- Ventilation: an extractor and/or windows

- Fog-free mirror

- Do I really need a bathtub? Or can I do with a shower?

- Storage

- Color palette

- Lighting

- Slip-resistance and waterproof flooring

- Durable materials

- Lighting: natural or artificial?

- Accessories

- Research types of bathrooms (see below)

What types of bathrooms exist?

What is a master bathroom? 

They are very luxurious and offer the option of hours spent in comfort while relaxing. They often go so far as to feature a sauna, closets, dressing rooms, extra storage, a fireplace, a wet room and a TV, too. They often come adjoined to a master bedroom and function as a high-class en-suite.

What is a full bathroom?

The usual items in this type of bathrooms are tub, sink, shower, mirror and some storage space. Basically, a bathroom that you can shower or bathe in.

What is a three-quarter bathroom? (Or ¾ bath)

Containing most of the items present in a full bathroom, the only thing lacking is the bathtub. The shower, sink, mirror and storage space, however - all there.

What is a powder room/half bathroom?

A powder room is also known as a half-bathroom, and they’re most common in restaurants and shopping spots - where customers can use the room as required. They are also sometimes placed in the ground floor of a home and are intended for guests. There is no place to shower or bathe.

What is a shower room?

As the name indicates, it is a room with a shower in it. Only a shower and sink is common with this type of room.

What is a wet room?

Much like the shower room, the wet room is a room itself is designated for a shower, but it is actually called a wet room because there is no independent enclosure. No structure separates the sink, toilet and shower and while relaxing and open, the room needs to be fully waterproofed.

What is a laundry bathroom?

This bathroom comes with a laundry space. It has a washing machine and possibly a dryer. It comes quite handy in conserving space separately just for the laundry alone. Many apartments and homes today have the laundry combined to the bathroom.

How to have a mediterranean-style bathroom?

This style is entirely based on mosaic tiles and the presence of mediterranean style furnishings throughout the room. The variety of tile shapes and colors one can use is quite extensive, but it’s best to stick to a theme to keep everything fluid. Another popular feature in this style of bathroom is hand painted terra-cotta tiles and/or terra-cotta flower pots. As dictated by the geographical location encapsulated in the name, Mediterranean style incorporates influences primarily from Italy, Spain, Morocco and Greece but there are actually an additional 17 countries adding touches to this mix.

How do I maximize storage in my bathroom?

There are always ways to maximize storage or create new spaces in your bathroom. Where it gets tricky is when trying to work out how to make space without minimizing practicality. Finding practical storage solutions is dependent on the size of your bathroom. One popular way to do so is by removing the bathtub and replacing it with a shower. But if this is not an option for you, shelves along the wall and cabinets built around the sink works everytime.

How do I achieve classic bathroom style?

A classic bathroom is a popular design style for as it quite simply never goes out of fashion. White is usually the color applied to this style, along with clean lines, wood, marble, the notion of simplicity. The addition of personal touches, such as plants, make for a beautiful result.

What is a 3-D bathroom and how can I design one? (3-D bathroom)

A 3-D bathroom consists of using tiles, prints and drawings of a 3-Dimensional patterns or images as part of the design fabric. This can be applied anywhere in the bathroom, be it via the floor, walls or even with the addition of accessories. Monochromatic (black and white colors) is classic in 3-D design. Another common look in a 3-D bathroom is the use of wallpaper with a photo/image of something, such as an aquarium, that looks real and creates an optical illusion.

Other Bathroom Styles:

- Country

- Minimalist

- Modern

- Scandinavian

- Tropical

- Rustic

- Industrial

- Eclectic

- Colonial

- Asian

To see these examples please follow the link.

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How can I design my bathroom?

There are five basic steps to designing a bathroom and projects usually take about 3-4 months to complete, from the first idea to the final product.

What do I need to design my bathroom? 

First you need your idea and the style that you’re looking to go for. You’ll need to assess what your exact requirements are and what you believe is achievable. Then you can seek the advice of professionals and find the perfect design and solution together. So, the first step is thinking about style, which is one of the most fun elements.

What is the next step?

Using their creative ideas, the professionals will develop space plans, furniture plans, color palettes and ideas for the interior finishes, including types of paint, wall coverings and floorings. After the development of the design, the professionals will then meet with the client to review their design. Modifications and alterations are done as the client requests.

The administrative phase:

After the design has been finalized by the client and designer, the documentation phase begins, in which all the details of the drawings or models are recorded. The documents consist of proposed timelines, budget and the draft purchase order of all the required equipments and materials needed for the design.

The installation phase:

Once the terms are agreed and the documents are signed, the next phase is proceeding with the installation. This is the part when sudden changes to plans might happen. The requirements and the expectations of the client may change and hence will be taken into consideration. The professionals meet with the client on a weekly basis to address any of their concerns and put them into action.

The completion phase:

The client will have to approve the professionals for the work they have done. They have to be satisfied with the outcome and once there are no further improvements or changes to be undertaken, the documents are closed and payment is completed


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