Tropical Style Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

Tropical bathrooms are some of the most beautiful and relaxing of all bathroom designs and you can really turn it into your very own spa haven.

What is a tropical bathroom? 

Tropical bathrooms are designed with a tropical theme in mind, with that said, the décor and all the elements involved are designed to bring nature from the outside in. They tend to let you get swooped away with its magical exotic features, making you feel like you’re away on some tropical island.  

Characteristics of a tropical bathroom 

Tropical bathroom colors are often neutral such as browns and cherry woods but brighter colors such as yellows, whites and even some blues are also featured in this designed bathroom. Extra pops of color like red and orange can also be seen as an accent throughout the bathroom. Beadboards are a huge character in bathrooms designed to look tropical and relaxing and can be displayed on the ceiling, and  on part or an entire wall.

While many tropical bathroom décor ideas showcase wooden flooring and ceilings, you can definitely make use of bathroom tiles in your tropic bathroom. Some tropical bathroom decor can even feature mosaics and other hand painted detail, adding to that beautiful overall theme.

Some tropical bathroom design ideas include but are not limited to the following:
* They incorporate many natural elements including plants and stone 

* They make use of natural colors and wood finishes 

* The backsplash sink is no stranger to tropical bathroom themes and makes it look even more authentic.    

* Rain Head showers are great to use (showers are often large) 

* Stone cladding is used in certain sections of the bathroom wall 

* Freestanding bathtubs are common in a tropical bathroom 

* Natural light flows through, helping to create a very bright space naturally 

* Wooden cabinets are used for storage 

* Plants and seashells are placed strategically placed in the bathroom to create an instant tropical feeling

tropical bathroom theme can really be made into a home spa, and many folks choose to have the outside come in by creating an open space. This means you can walk from your bathroom leading outside to get to the bathtub or shower. This is really a chic spa take to regular looking bathrooms.

Tropical designs are very popular all over the world, including America. They often make use of natural textures like stone and wood throughout the theme and are fairly easy to achieve without having to do major reconstruction to your bathroom.  

How much would it cost and what are the legal terms related to building a tropical bathroom? 

Bathrooms with tropical features can be expensive depending on how much work you’re putting into it. A small tropical bathroom can also be pricey but because of its small scale, you could simply change the “facelift” aspects such as cabinetry and flooring and easily create your ideal tropical escape.

The following is based on estimated values, these prices can vary one contractor to the next and it also depends on the designer brand and whether or not the products are especially imported for instance. Materials of items also play a huge role as some may be harder source while others less durable.

* Tiles can average from $650 to $800
* Tropical  themed faucets and sinks can average $300 to $500 to install professionally 

* To install cabinets and towel racks on the higher price end is an estimate of $150 

* Bathtub and shower installations can vary dramatically depending on their design and can range between $2,000 to $5,000

* Cost of a plumber per hour varies between $45 to $150 

* Electricians can charge an estimated hourly rate of $70 to $80

Legal issues to think about include requirements for floor extensions, relocating ductwork and installing plumbing and electrical fixture as well as other structural changes. The plans for the bathroom must ensure proper ventilation and by having professionals work on your bathroom alterations, you can ensure that they are licensed and comply with the regulations by the specific authorities.

If you’re adding a bathroom to your home or converting an existing one, the costs will rise as this will include major construction and or major plumbing and electrical work. You could be looking to pay an estimated cost of $25,000 to $75,000 with spar bathrooms being at the higher end because of their true ability to bring the outside in.

Pros and Cons

Everything has its pros and cons, as do tropical designed bathrooms.


* Bathrooms with a tropical theme is very beautiful 

* They give you the sense of being able to relax and unwind 

* Their design doesn’t really go out of style 

* Open-planned bathrooms in this fashion allows natural light and air in 

* The space tends to carry on and the may appear even larger than they really are


* The cost to install the bathroom from scratch is expensive 

* Certain bathroom fixtures and designs are expensive as it incorporates plants and extension to the outdoors 

* There is a lack of privacy 

* Fixtures have to be taken good care of to make sure that it is clean and sparkly at all times

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