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Mediterranean Style Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

Mediterranean houses are a popular design because they feature beautiful aesthetics and they make excellent family homes.

When creating your perfect Mediterranean bathroom, there are a couple of things to consider and this can relate to décor or alterations. Bathrooms created in this manner can be grand and stylish especially if they’re large, while smaller bathrooms can still have chic finesse, as well as be more cozy by nature.

What characteristics can you expect from a Mediterranean bathroom?

Mediterranean small bathroom design ideas will include the same characteristics of a big bathroom, but the only difference is the fact that it is done on a smaller scale. Due to the rustic nature of Mediterranean homes, they feature slightly older designs opposed to Modern and Contemporary homes. The idea is to create chic sophistication that is both comfortable and welcoming.

If you’re looking to create a bathroom inspired by the Mediterranean countries like Greece and Spain for example, then you can apply these key factors:

Lighting designs, flooring and tiles
Lighting fixtures are rustic, mostly showcasing lanterns and soft lighting with patterned tiles for flooring.  Mediterranean bathroom tile ideas on walls are often inspired by the Middle East and mosaics are no stranger to the likes of these homes and can be featured inside and outside the house. Mosaics can be incorporated on the floor tiles as well as splashback tiles on the walls.

Mediterranean Bathroom accessories 

Modern Spanish style bathrooms may feature bathroom fixtures like free-standing bathtubs, corner baths and bathroom sinks often have under sink cabinet storage. Some bathrooms mimicking Mediterranean style may even feature stone wall cladding by the walk in shower.

Color hues 

Choosing colors that emit Mediterranean style includes White washes, blues (deep and light), terracotta, yellow and brown to name a few.   Some bathrooms may even showcase the likes of a rug as well as a bench or sitting area beside the bathroom sink and mirror.

Another must in any Mediterranean bathroom are layers of texture and patterns which all add to the gorgeous charm and splendor of these bathrooms.

Pros and cons of Mediterranean bathrooms
Most Mediterranean designed houses have either a freestanding or built-in bath tub and curbless or walk in showers and these are very rustic features for this type of home. Both of them have their pros and cons too.

Curbless shower advantages: 

* They are easy to clean 

* There is no need for a shower door and space can be efficiently used


* Heat escapes the shower since there is no door which results in a draft.

Freestanding verse built-in tubs
When it comes to bathtub choices, you can decide what is best for you and enjoy them as is. 


* Freestanding bathtubs have good geometric looks which also sometimes adds to their functionality. 

* There is  plenty of space inside and around the bathtub itself. 

* You can choose your bathtub in a Neoclassical or contemporary design. Built-in tubs are economical. Built-in tubs don’t use up much space. 


* Freestanding tubs are expensive 

* Built-in tubs can tend to look cluttered if you try to spruce them up too much.

What will it cost to create your very own Mediterranean designed bathroom?

When it comes to costs, this can be greatly influenced by the type of alteration. If you’re knocking out walls or constructing from scratch then your cost will include planning, professionals and approval from the related authorities in your state.

Some other costs may include but not be limited to: 

* Pipe installations estimated at $1,000 

* Shower installations estimated at $500 to $1,000 

* Bathtub installation is estimated at $2,800 

* Bath sink and faucets installation estimated costs range from $200 to $500 

* Flooring installations can range from an estimate of $1,000 to $2,500 

* Installation costs for cabinets estimate between $3,000 to $4, 000

It’s important to note that the material of the bathtub (fiberglass, cast iron, steel, acrylic) as well as shower design (frameless, curbless, glass panels and doors) will increase the overall costs. It’s important to note that material costs are separate to installation costs. The same applies to the sink, the price will fluctuate given the type of material used. Some materials also have a better lifespan while others may need replacement after a few years.

Flooring costs can differ depending on the material used these estimates are per square foot:

* Vinyl $3.00
* Hardwood $8.00

* Laminate $4.70

* Bamboo $7.30

If you’re moving items in your bathroom such as relocating the toilet or fixed tub for example, you should be careful to comply with any regulations to plumbing. The same can be said for electrical work, redoing lighting and light fixtures.
We always advise that you use a professional because they will be better versed in all the requirements by law regarding rerouting and other changes that may pose risks if not done correctly.

Decorating your bathroom will be less expensive, however, you’ll still need to hire a professional interior decorator, but most of the cost will go toward Spanish style bathroom vanities and accessories. Even if you don’t have an entire home decorated in Mediterranean style, you can still do up your bathroom in this style. Once your bathroom has transformed, you can enjoy the feel of escaping to a lavish comfortable and tranquil space, where you can relax and enjoy some time to unwind.

If you’re looking to create a Mediterranean bathroom for your home, then choose a professional who can help you in your endeavor. At Homify you can find inspiration and the skills you need to construct or decorate your bathroom.