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Bathroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures


As important as the other rooms are, bathroom is equally important. It’s interior is defined by many professionals like plumber, architect and carpenters. Hence it provides lot of opportunities for various design purposes. The styling also varies between countries based on their traditional designs. 

What is a bathroom? 

It is a room dedicated for the sole purpose of personal hygiene. It consists of a toilet, bathtub and shower, mirrors and a sink as minimum items. Apart from these, a lot of other accessories can be added as a part of the client’s wish. Some people might add music systems and TV consoles too if space and money permit. 

What types of bathrooms exist? 

They are classified into three types based on structure and space. 

Master bathroom 

They are very luxurious and offer the comfortness to spend hours to relax. They are of the spa type coming with various accessories. Some of them can be sauna, closets, dressing room, extra storage, a fireplace and a TV too. The list can be bigger if the other accessories can be affordable. They come adjoined to a master bedroom by design. 

Full bathroom 

These are most commonly used by all people. This type depends on the strength of the family. The design changes in accordance to the number of members in the family and how frequently they use it. The usual items in this type bathrooms are tub, sink, shower, mirror and a storage space. 

Three-Quarter bathroom 

They contain some of the items present in a full bathroom. They just contain a shower, sink, mirror and storage space. The only thing lacking here is the tub. This type is most common in small hotels and small homes where space is of a concern for utilizing the tub and other bigger accessories.

Powder room/half bathroom 

They are also called half-bath. As the name suggests they contain mirrors, sink and a toilet. They are most common in restaurants and shopping spots where customers can use the room as required. It also serves an extra back up for the full type room, when there are guests or the family is big. 

Shower room 

This type only has the shower and sink in it. They are used as backups when the other rooms are full for taking a bath. It comes in handy during an event or an occasion at your home. 

Laundry bathroom 

This bath comes with a laundry space. It has a washing machine and dryer in addition to a storage space. It comes quite handy in conserving space separately just for the laundry alone. Many apartments and homes today have the laundry combined to the bath. 

What are the kinds of styles to apply? 

The purpose and space are the two most considered parameters for styling the bathroom. 


This is an old school design in the books. The glitz from metallic elements form the primary reason for this styling. Also this styling is entirely based on mosaic tiles throughout the bath. One other option for this styling will be a hand painted terra-cotta. So if we combine all of it into one, we can see a combination of old and new looks. 

Smart storage 

This style is applied when there is a shortage of space. It utilized the maximum space on the walls and can store things in the vertical manner avoiding unwanted space consumption. It is a trend now to apply antique furniture pieces instead of built-in cabinets for storage. 

Classic white theme 

The main colors for this styling is white. The floor will be white tiles. This can be matched with furnitures in the bath that are also white. But contrast colors like black or grey accessories can be used to make the room look more beautiful and presentable.  


Monochromatic styles were a fashion in the 70s. There are many variations to monochromatic tiles that come in different drawing patterns, where each of them exhibit symmetrical patterns and waves. These are common only in some parts in the country and not used everywhere. 


This is a concept where ornaments and pendants are used to enhance the lighting effects of the bath. Along with the lights present, these accessories will enhance the amount of shine and glow it radiates making the room look more bold and brisk. 

Where can i find a perfect bathroom? 

homify is the place to find a perfect bathroom. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it 

Steps to design them 

There are 5 basic steps to design the bathroom. Any project takes about 3-4 months to complete on an average. 

Gathering Requirements 

The professionals get the requirements from the clients. This will include the client’s idea of a design, previous furnitures and landscape of the space.. Then the budget and the timeline is discussed. After this the professionals will meet up with the client’s consultant or the architect to discuss on the next phase 

Design phase 

Using their creative ideas, the professionals will develop space plans, furniture plans, colour palettes and also the interior finishes like paints, wall covering and flooring. After the development of the design, the professionals then meet up with the clients to review their design. Modifications and alterations are done on the client’s request if needed. 

Administrative phase 

After the design has been finalized by both client and designer, the documentation phase begins where all the details of the drawings or models is recorded. The documents consists of proposed timelines, budget and also the draft purchase order of all the required equipments and materials needed for the design.

Installation phase 

Once the terms are agreed and the documents signed. The next phase is proceeding with the installation. This is a part when sudden changes to plans happen. The requirements and the expectations of the client may change and hence that will also be taken into consideration. The professionals meet with the clients on a weekly basis to address any of their concerns and put it into action at work. 

Completion phase 

The client will have to approve the professionals for the work they have done. They have to be satisfied with the outcome and once there are not further improvements or changes to be done, the documents are closed with paying the professionals as per their fare and purchase orders. 


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in creating bathrooms and the steps involved in doing so. In the end, it all comes down to space and money when choosing the type and style.

Other types of rooms 


A room that increases the value of a house. The more the number of bedrooms the more valuable the house is. There will be no house without a bedroom, a place to sleep in. It is an important part of the residential design. 

Dining Room

It is not very important to have it, but it is quite common to have separate room for eating purposes. If the space constraints don’t apply then the dining room can be designed in a way to live life just to eat.