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Baby room: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Baby room: designs, themes, accessories and inspiration

What do I need to design a baby room?

Being a new parent is an exciting and emotional time. You want to do all you can to give your baby the best, and that starts with providing them with a peaceful baby room where you can bond with your bundle of joy. But before you get overwhelmed by the variety of furniture and decor ideas, remember that kids grow up pretty fast, so be practical when choosing furniture, accessories or themes for a nursery room. Here's a list of essentials your baby's room will need.

Sleeping Baby: Babies love their sleep, and it's important to get a crib or bassinet that's as comfortable as possible. Whether you choose an elaborate crib or a simple bassinet for your kid's room, your precious one’s sleeping spot is the focal point of the nursery room. Cribs and bassinets come in a range of styles and prices, and whichever one you choose, make sure it's made from sturdy, quality materials, and by all means, avoid drop-side cribs.

Bedding: Baby room bedding isn't just for your baby's comfort, it's also a fun way to decorate your baby's nursery. If you choose to go with a cartoon character theme, it can be easily incorporated in the crib sheets bumper pads, pillowcases, blankets and crib skirts and quilts. 

Baby Monitor: Sleeping separately from your baby is hard, but thanks to baby monitors, you can be in constant audio or visual contact with your child at all times. If you're looking for an alternative to traditional audio monitors, there are a range of audio and visual monitors available, so you'll be able to hear and see your baby throughout the day and night.

Nappy Time: Dirty diapers are every new parent's rite of passage, and it's a good idea to have an organized, stationary changing table in a baby’s nursery. Changing tables come in many varieties, and some with shelves for organizing diapers and other essentials such as wipes and ointments. Most changing tables also feature a comfortable pad to lay baby on.

Diaper Pail: You'll need a place to toss all of those dirty diapers, and that's why a diaper pail is an important nursery item. Diaper pails are available in different styles and usually have a cover that seals off odor and keep your baby’s nursery tidy and sanitary.

All Dressed Up: Your baby will go through several clothing changes a day, which makes an organized dresser a necessary piece of nursery furniture. Infant dressers should have at least three drawers and feature compartments for socks, bibs and other small items.

Mobile: Mobiles are great entertainment, especially for newborns and children up to six months. They also help to soothe new babies to sleep and entertain them when they're awake. There are a range of mobiles available on the market, and they're all have varying features such as music, moving figurines, lights, mirrors and calming nature sounds.

Light for the Night: Seeing as you'll be making a lot of night trips to feed and change your baby, a night light is a helpful and necessary essential in your baby's room. Instead of turning on a bright overhead light, you can use a night light to guide you in feeding and changing your baby, keeping the lighting low and soothing.

Rock-a-bye Baby: A rocking chair is the perfect place for a mother and child to bond while feeding or putting your baby to sleep. A comfortable rocking chair in your baby's nursery is not just a piece of furniture, but a perfect place to create beautiful memories with your little one.

How do I make the baby room safe for my child?

Because you and your baby will be spending a lot of time in the nursery room, you need to ensure that it's a safe environment for your baby. Here are some safety tips to get you on the right track.

Drapery and blind cords need to be kept out of baby's reach, and away from the crib and changing table. Put a smoke detector near your child's bedroom. Make sure the window guards are securely in place to prevent a child from falling out the window. Never place a crib, playpen, or other children's furniture near a window. Put plug protectors in unused electrical outlets. Make sure your child's toy box doesn't have a heavy, hinged lid that could trap your child. Use a humidifier instead of a vaporizer to avoid burns. Clean it frequently, and empty it when not in use to prevent bacteria and mould growth.

How do I design my baby room?

There are a range of decor styles available for your baby boy or girl’s room, from cartoon themes to colour themes, as well as modern and traditional themes, always remember to be practical and focus on the essentials. Think out of the box and do your research, and most importantly, have fun. Get the help of a professional and search  through homify's images to get the baby room inspiration you need.