Interior design ideas, architecture and renovating photos

Interior designs speak a lot about the beauty of the building. This article gives an idea on what it is, what types and styles of it exist, and certain steps involved. 

What is interior design? 

It is the creative solution for a programmed interior. It covers conceptual planning, aesthetic and technical solutions to meet the result. It concerns on the visual and ambient enhancement according to the dimensions of the interior space. The space will be used for work or leisure, entertainment, healing and learning. All these purposes are met with the various colorful and meaningful designs in the interior. Apart from aesthetic, the sound and light elements also come into play. An example can be a peaceful place to rest, the light entering the room should be minimal and there shouldn’t be any echoes. 

What types of interior designs exist? 

The types of interior designs depend on the end purpose. As stated the space can be used for anything and for each purpose there exists specific type. 


Design of Ergonomic and efficient work spaces fall under the corporate type. The most important aspect of this profession is that the professional needs complete knowledge on AutoCAD. This tool is useful in creating models based on the company’s goal. With it, the interiors of corporates can be designed with these model serving the purpose of projecting the aim and image of the company. 


This type requires the professional to know and understand photoshop and CAD techniques. Museums and exhibits require lot of structural designs in their interiors. For this reason, the mentioned tools are absolutely essential in creating structural models of them and later on produce them. This type is similar to the corporate, the only difference being is exhibits require more creativity and imagination based on the type of exhibit or museum, while the corporate only needs to attend to the company’s will. 

Go Green 

This makes the interiors look more graceful and beautiful, by means of using materials that are eco-friendly. This type can be used in decorating living rooms and balconies with items that support the environment. Decorating with greens makes it pleasant and soothing to the eyes to look at and also can be replaced or changed anytime as wanted without any big measures like the rest of the types.


In child care hospitals or old age homes, this type becomes useful in decorating and modelling the spatial structures that compliment and give assurance for the patients who turn up. In the child care, sketching of cartoons make it essential for the kids who can feel at home while the doctors attend them. Likewise for the old people, modelling something that depicts life assurance will ease the tension on their nerves. The professionals working in this field will do a great service for the people. 


Hotel - Structural and aesthetic modellings are made based on comfort, function and concept of the hotel. Each hotel will have a concept to portray their image and popularity. Coming up with ideas for such purpose is quite easy and straightforward, though modelling the interior can be hard based on the complexity and size of the hotels.

Restaurant - Most of the restaurants are themed restaurants. It means based on the concept of the restaurant, the interiors will be designed with a theme. An example can be pirates themed restaurant, where the interiors look like a big boat, including the ceiling, walls and also the vessels and glasses used. This adds more interest for people to come and eat and it is also refreshing to look at than a usual restaurant. 


As mentioned earlier, the requirements of the client will be different based on what they require out of their living space in the end. The acoustics, light and art elements are taken into consideration when a living space is decorated. Sometimes people might also go for structures that absorb sound, making the room sound proof. This can also be a scenario at a recording studio.

Kitchen - Remodeling the kitchen based on the type of kitchen and appliances is a tricky job. The type of kitchen will vary based on location. Kitchens in restaurants and residentials differ in a big way and hence the interior modelling differs heavily.

Bathroom - This type purely depends on the taste of the client and it also varies between male and female. Hence the professional who is doing the work needs to be skilled in handling various types of arts. While some would like it to be relaxing and good to stare at while they spend their time in the bath.

What are the kinds of styles to apply? 

Now each of the different types of interior designs can have many styles applied to them. A few of them are.


This style is famous in the east regions of china and japan. The use of bamboo wood will be more and based on each of the asian countries’ authentic tradition, the inside of their buildings are modelled. The windows, doors and the porch are different when compared to the western countries. 


Tropical comes with models specifically designed for a humid surrounding. The overhead shades and greens will be more making it more refreshing to live in the hot and humid conditions. In addition to that, they also add to the beauty of the rooms present. 

Mid-Century Modern 

The mid 1900s had some amazing designs rolling out. It is characterized by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes. This style defined the ways to use materials like plywood, plastic and aluminium in industrial design. Most of the styles we have today were upgrades of  these designs defined in the mid-century. This style varies from vintage classy looks, to priceless ornaments. Such is the wide range of materials used to design all these interiors. 


The use of steel will be frequented in this type of styling. Often it is characterized by exposing the metal areas of the structure or furniture. It is also accompanied by exposing brick walls behind to contribute to an alluring combo. The exposed steel could be sofas, coffee tables and chairs and other industrial items. 


This style gives a warm and relaxing look. This is based on white and sand coloured foundation with blue as the primary colour. Lounges, sofas, tables and chairs can be made nautical and also the position there are placed with respect to the windows of the living space makes a huge difference in the outer look. Decorative options to add to the theme are oars, sailboats, sea shells and navigation maps. 


The name suggests it all. The style comes with a combination of wood, linen and plants. Vases and planters are also a part of the style. The base colors for this style used are white and beige. Turquoise and light yellow can also complement the base colors. Together, they give a look of a farmhouse. 

Where can i find a perfect interior design? 

homify is the place to find a perfect design. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it 

Steps to design the interior 

There are 5 basic steps to design the interior. Any project takes about 10-12 months to complete on an average. 

Gathering Requirements 

The professionals get their required information from the clients. This will include the client’s desire of a model, previous furnitures and landscape of the interior space. Then the budget and the timeline is discussed. After this the professionals will meet up with the client’s consultant or the architect to discuss on the next phase 

Design Phase 

Using their creative ideas, the professionals will develop space plans, furniture plans, colour palettes and also the interior finishes like paints, wall covering, flooring, ceiling, moldings and windows. After the development, the professionals then meet up with the clients to review it. Modifications and alterations are done on the client’s request if needed. 

Administrative phase 

Once the design is finalized by both client and the professional, the documentation phase begins where all the details of the drawings or models is recorded. The administration part consists of proposed timelines, fair pricing and also the draft purchase order of all the required equipments and materials needed. 

Installation phase 

Once the terms are agreed and the documents signed. The next phase is proceeding with the installation. This is a part when sudden changes to plans happen. The requirements and the expectations of the client may change and hence that will also be taken into consideration. The professionals meet with the clients on a weekly basis to address any of their concerns and put it into action at work. 

Completion phase 

Once all the work is done and the satisfaction level is obtained for the client, the project comes to an end, where the purchase order and pricing are put in front of the clients who pay the professionals and contractors according to the paperwork done before. 


Thus we know come to know the various types and styles involved in designing the interiors and the steps involved in doing so. There is lot of hard work and creativity put behind every beautiful living space 

Other types of rooms 


Most clients prefer to have a gym at their residence as a part of time saving process. Hence having gyms at residences is now an important part of architectural construction of a house. The contractor model houses with an added gym in it. 


As important as the other four rooms are, bathroom is equally important. The interior of a bathroom is defined by many professionals like plumber, architect and carpenters. Hence a bathroom provides lot of opportunities for various design purposes.