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Kid-friendly Home Design Tips from An Expert

When you are designing a kid-friendly home it is all about embracing their liveliness and using it as inspiration. Designing a home with kids in mind can mess up your plans on having an all-white minimalistic home because that is just now a realistic goal to have with kids in the picture. When you are designing a home, you have to think about many things in advance such as will they be able to have their own space when they turn into a teenager or will your toddler have enough space to run around. You have to

prepare for them overgrowing a lot of things including the space they need.

As we all know, children like to collect toys and little things, and they seem to be multiplying by the minute as no one is looking. With that being said, it is no wonder that families with kids have a never-ending problem of running low on storage space. That is why you need to design your home in a way where there will be dedicated areas for everything such as books, toys, clothes as well as random things. When you provide your kids with enough storage space you will teach them easier to put away their things

once they are done using them. That will all lead to having a cleaner home.

Kids get dirty all the time, that is why every kid-friendly home needs to have some kind of mudroom and laundry area. Create a place where they will be able to take off anything that is too dirty to go into the house on them. Another thing that goes hand in hand with that is having enough space to do all the laundry. Make sure that you have enough space to do the washing but also to fold it and hang it until it's sorted.

In most cases, parents don't want their whole home to be overrun with toys and things just laying around. If you have space, dedicate one room just for plaything. When you are creating a playroom there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it needs to be a safe space where they can play without hurting themselves. That is why it is advisable that there is some sort of carpet that has been done by professional carpet installers so there aren't any loose ends they can trip on. Another important thing is that you provide them with enough things because they need to be stimulated in the right ways. Provide them with a wide array of toys to keep their brains satisfied.

If you can't beat them join them. Instead of teaching your children never to pain on the walls or not to drive their cars on them, encourage them to be creative. Create things like chalkboard walls or Lego walls where they can express themselves. Freedom of expression is one of the most important factors in children's development. You can even partake in the fun yourself and make it into a bonding experience.

Children need the outdoors; they need to be able to run around and explore which is why it needs to be taken into account when you are designing a kid-friendly home. Even if you don't have a lot of space to work with, always make sure that the space is fenced and that there aren't things laying around on which they can hurt themselves. To save yourself from heartbreak maybe wait until they aren't so young to start your garden

because it is bound that it will get ruined even by accident.

Embrace their youth, liveliness and creativity. Let your kids be a part of your home transformation. Every child should be living in a home that is loving as well as safe.