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Make the most of your free time playing and training with WARCO and get into shape right in the fresh air! Modern sports flooring produced by us are available in various trendy colours and designs and will ensure you ultimate safety and enjoyment during work-out and play at schools, playgrounds, parks, gyms or fitness centres.

  • AFFORDABLE PLAYGROUND FLOOR WARCO Bodenbeläge Garden Swings & play sets


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    Safety tiles by WARCO, according to the requirements EN 1176 and EN 1177 are perfect flooring for playground of each size and for every equipment. The best thing about the tiles is that you install them only once without further costly maintenance. Also, they are unbelievably durable and extremely easy to clean. Unlike other loose-fill materials (sand, gravel, bark mulch, wood chips), WARCO safety tiles don’t have to be re-filled, maintained or controlled. And of course, thanks to the fact that in 90% they consist of recycled rubber tyre granulate, they are eco-friendly and what is more, do not seal the soil when installed.

  • TOP FLOOR FOR FUN & SPORT WARCO Bodenbeläge Garden Swings & play sets


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    Everyone knows the sports floor by WARCO. After all, who hasn’t played on elastic safety tiles? Such floor may be found in places like McDonalds or Castle King, and local playgrounds or game fields in kindergartens, schools, restaurants, fitness centres or bouldering walls. Thousands of installations on surfaces of different sizes for private, commercial and public Customers who may confirm the European success of WARCO safety tiles. They show that the rubber granulate flooring for play and sports is fully safe, ultimately durable and economical!



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    Also the big ones want to play, even if it is all about shaping muscles! In the fitness or crossfit-studio, gym or other places designed for the variety of sports activities, the elastic flooring by WARCO company guarantees comfort and safety. Made of rubber granules, the tiles may be easily assembled in every leisure or sports space. They are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They absorb vibrations and all sorts of sounds. It is particularly advantageous that the tiles are installed without extra tools, glueing, edging or great DIY skills. They make a form-fit and stable connection, thus creating a durable and homogenous surface.

  • FLEXIBLE SPORTS SURFACE WARCO Bodenbeläge Modern Garden


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    Being fit and enjoying an active life; fun and sport, work out on the fresh air. Just one quick look at the garden is enough to see that in this house an active lifestyle rules. Therefore, its owner has turned a half of his garden into a mini multifunctional playground. Whenever somebody feels like playing or training alone or with friends — he or she can do it regardless of the weather.

  • FUN SWIM WITH COMFORT WARCO Bodenbeläge Garden Swim baths & ponds


    A fast-installed garden pool is safe, clean and secured thanks to the anti-slip, elastic tiles by WARCO. All the bathers may feel the flexible soil under the pool’s floor which protects against falls and injuries. The safety tiles are permeable to water, so they do not seal the soil, however, we should avoid mud around swimming pool (with the proper installation of the tiles).

  • EASY CARE PLAYGROUND WARCO Bodenbeläge Garden Swings & play sets


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    As their name puts it aptly, safety tiles are a product which can cushion a fall or an injury. This sports surface is produced according to the binding safety norms EN 1166 and EN 1177 obligatory for all play areas. Compared to other available protective materials used as safety flooring (sand, bark mulch, gravel or wood chips), WARCO rubber granulate safety mats are in a unique position. They are practically maintenance-free and exceptionally long-lasting. It is worth mentioning that they are hygienic, environmentally friendly, and provide insulation against heat and cold, sound or impact. Furthermore, WARCO safety flooring is water-permeable, slip-resistant and rot-proof. With the help of a local craftsman, a desolate court may turn into an attractive and safe leisure space.