willowlamp Wall-mounted Designs | 2 Folded Circles 2020

willowlamp is known primarily for its hanging lights – dramatic suspended creations that form the center point of a space. However, the lighting company also has a reputation for innovation and creativity, which dictates that it needs to evolve and explore new avenues of lighting – fresh ways to illuminate an interior and make a statement. 

Creative director and founder Adam Hoets, in a bid to offer more variety for willowlamp’s design-loving clientele, has accordingly branched out from the signature willowlamp pendant into new territory, and introduced an exciting range of wall-mounted designs. These four stand-alone sconces provide homeowners with greater flexibility than ever before when planning their interior schemes. 

2 Folded Circles is a collection of wall lamps that are based entirely on just 2 simple circles folded at 90 degrees to one another. Yet, the resulting forms are surprisingly diverse.

Total dimensions
170 × 230 × 220 m (Length, Height, Width)
  • TopFold Wall Sconce willowlamp Living roomLighting Aluminium/Zinc Metallic/Silver
  • BottomFold Wall Sconce willowlamp BedroomLighting Aluminium/Zinc Metallic/Silver
  • LangArm Wall Sconce willowlamp Dining roomLighting Aluminium/Zinc Red
  • QuarterPipe Wall Sconce willowlamp BedroomLighting Aluminium/Zinc Amber/Gold