Wolf And Badger

Anjali Hood

Anjali Hood has melded her love of pattern, her fascination with birds and her ancestral roots in textiles to create a collection of original cushion designs inspired by birds and their beautiful feathers. The vibrant colours and patterns of exotic birds used in her double-sided cushions will add the wow factor to your décor scheme. Velvet is her fabric of choice, continuing her family’s legacy as India’s first velvet manufacturers. Anjali supports BirdLife International, an umbrella charity which funds projects that sustain and protect safe habitats for our feathered friends.



    A beautiful pastel blue dominates this velvet cushion. The all-over repeat animal pattern is overlaid with pearly pink beads to create a subtle cushion that would sit just as easily in your bedroom as your living room.The Indian Blue Ringneck Parakeet originates from the southern Indian continent and Burma. It is often kept as a pet due to its ability to be trained and to mimic language. It feeds on seeds, fruit and berries and generally lives to between 20-30 years of age in the wild.

  • INDIAN PITTA CUSHION Wolf And Badger HouseholdTextiles


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    A veritable jeweller’s workshop of loose uncut Columbian emeralds interspersed with topaz crystals forms the basis of this bluish-green starburst pattern velvet. Bling it up with a dazzling rectangle on your sofa..A stubby-tailed little bird that is to be found hopping around on the forest floor searching for insects. It is more often heard before it’s seen due to its camouflage colour. Its habitat extends from the sub-Himalayas down to Sri Lanka.

  • LILAC BREASTED ROLLER CUSHION Wolf And Badger HouseholdTextiles


    A velvet cushion that incorporates most of the colours found on the multi-coloured Lilac Breasted Roller to create the softly faded look of a treasured Oriental rug.One of the world’s most breathtakingly colourful birds, the Lilac Breasted Roller can be found perched atop trees in sub-Saharan Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula, a vantage point from which it can easily spot its prey. Its diet consists of insects, small birds & reptiles. Unsurprisingly, both Botswana and Kenya have adopted this gorgeous creature as their national bird.

  • PIED KINGFISHER CUSHION Wolf And Badger HouseholdTextiles


    Contrasting spots in various sizes are pulled together in a spherical illusion that suggest the feathers of the Pied Kingfisher. The pattern of this quintessential designer velvet cushion in a brownish black appears somewhat crustacean – something the Pied Kingfisher occasionally indulges in. Monotone need not be monotonous.A cute black and white spotted bird found in both Africa and Asia. The distinctive ragged plumage at the back of its head gives it a punk look. Being a water kingfisher, it feeds on fish and, less commonly, crustaceans and insects.

  • TEMMINCK’S TRAGOPAN CUSHION Wolf And Badger HouseholdTextiles


    The bird’s breast and neck colours form the basis for this deep red printed velvet cushion with pale bluish-green spots in varied sizes that reflect the pattern of the bird. A great cushion for Christmas (or any time) to add some festive flair.The Temminck's Tragopan is a friendly and curious bird that only displays aggressive behaviour during breeding season. The male of this species of pheasant unfurls a striking blue wattle and inflates a pair of 'horns' for its courtship display. It is found in high altitudes in the Eastern Himalayas, Southern Tibet and Burma.

  • WHITEHEADED BLACK BULBUL CUSHION Wolf And Badger HouseholdTextiles


    A mesmerising geometric pattern dominates this black & white velvet cushion, with an interesting diamond pattern in the centre and stripes of alternating white or black radiating out. It would suit an otherwise sedate setting to be fully appreciated.This bird is a variant of the allover Black Bulbul. Both birds have bright orange beaks and feet and are found in southeastern Asia from India to China. It is a noisy bird that has a fluffy crest on its head and feeds on seeds, small insects and berries