The most important feature that distinguishes like the Çanakkale city which is one of world history's most dramatic and meaningful page Çanakkale Wars is the testimony is the testimony of a human tragedy. Although identified with the city of Çanakkale, Gallipoli Historical National Park together, it is very important to the geographical location and rich cultural landscape. Çanakkale'li are in love with the Dardanelles, and are known for their commitment to the city. All the troubles and joys of their own city, and loves to share these sacred lands. Çanakkale coast (promenade) in their meeting, entertainment, recreation, grieve, and share the memorial area. Harmony and peace in the city from the city affects both domestic and foreign visitors. Especially the relatives of those who were killed in these lands peaceful inside. They are proud of this city. Çanakkale is their second home in a sense. All of the city next to the impression that structural problems have been ignored for years are also available. Çanakkale is not yet a city square in the contemporary sense. Clock Tower is almost forgotten in the city's busy construction pressure. The continuity of the coast has not been achieved. Is supposed to be the lifeblood of the city Sarıçay itself moribund. Fevzipasa Quarter isolated from the city, was abandoned to its fate. Coast town Given these drawbacks and the Saricay organized and much of the urban development strategy of attitude that since the nature and ecological living, urban living standards and livable urban emphasis laid out plan, there is a need to design and approach. Çanakkale 'context' is very strong. In this context should be considered as a basic starting point in the city's future scenarios. Another issue is that bisects the city Sarıçay watershed protection approach in the east-west axis. Today, completely unplanned return to the shelter area and surrounding Sarıçay has the potential to become an important center of agricultural production in the region, with first-class fertile soil. The basin is considered to be the future city center functioned as ecological agriculture. This basin will be moved to the natural riverbed from the existing concrete channel section, the presence of the surrounding plants, reeds and marsh ecosystems, the city shall undertake the ecological filter 'task. Describe the process of becoming a city with nature has been the starting point of the project. It is difficult to reformat the city without compromise. The important thing is to demonstrate the city's commitment to be together all the actors. Is as eco-cycle 'as the name of this association can ring chain. One of the fracture can cause damage to the entire system. Between the existing urban fabric of the agricultural areas of agricultural land in order to prevent damage to the city's green belt of uneven development has been suggested. This generation is also connected to each other all the recreational areas of the city's new green network. Salt owned by the Dardanelles to continue its development as a tourism-oriented means failure to use enough potential. One of the most important problems of the Dardanelles is the transport system. Çanakkale traffic using clean energy solutions for the future planning of the city (tram), there is a need to encourage the use of bicycles and pedestrians. Solutions have been proposed to limit the carbon emissions of the whole project, design and transportation planning decisions to reduce the weight of the motor vehicle traffic is taken. History has largely pedestrianized town center. This street will be used as a service road during the night has been allocated entirely to the use of pedestrians and cyclists. Large part of the north-south and east-west axis of the planned tram line will have to meet the city's traffic load potential. University, airport, bus station, ferry port and will be a new proposal that will allow the relationship tram ferry transport between the square of visitors coming from outside the Dardanelles were encouraged to use the public transport system. This project, to breathe in the center of Çanakkale, Çanakkale'li and visitors to create a big challenge to put the city perceptions, design spaces integrated this meydanla, transportation to seek solutions to problems, Fevzipasa ghetto to reconcile with the city, said on the show that can coexist with nature city is a project. Sarıçay Basin is taken into absolute protection zone. This is a serious ecological restoration work has been proposed in the region. Around two-stage protection of wetlands have been proposed. 1 degree of protection of areas are open to visitors for use in a limited time.

  • The Seafront ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    The Seafront

  • The City - The Square - The Deck ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    The City—The Square—The Deck

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  • Conceptual Approach ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    Conceptual Approach

  • Sarıçay – wetland / the ecological filter and urban texture ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    Sarıçay – wetland / the ecological filter and urban texture

  • AA section-elevation ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    AA section-elevation

  • BB section-elevation ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    BB section-elevation

  • Towards the deck from the street ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    Towards the deck from the street

  • Partial site plan – the urban square ON TASARIM LTD. ŞTi.

    Partial site plan – the urban square