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Bedrooms and Bathrooms are often the most luxurious and intimate of spaces.
  • Bedroom Furniture Elliott Designs Studio BedroomBeds & headboards Textile White

    Bedroom Furniture

    Furniture plays a big part to comfort and serenity to any bedroom. Choosing fabrics and colours to reflect a sense of calm is key to a bedroom project. Colour can be light or dark, depending on your personal style.

  • Chairs Elliott Designs Studio BedroomSofas & chaise longue Leather White


    Comfortable seating, whilst functional, can be placed in a small room to create a private space.

  • Curtains Elliott Designs Studio BedroomTextiles Silver/Gold Beige


    Curtains add a soft and warmth feeling in a room. Choosing a fabric that is complimentary to the overall scheme is essential. Soft wave pleats, or ripple, curtains complete the scheme in a private sitting room in the main suite of this magnificent home.

  • Modern Steel Beds Elliott Designs Studio BedroomLighting Aluminium/Zinc Amber/Gold

    Modern Steel Beds

    Lighting creates mood, comfort and either is used to highlight features or used for a specific task. Using strip lighting to enhance the shapes of the ceiling, creates a dramatic dimension to a modern twist of a four-poster bed.