Diamond Constructions Ltd

6 Retcliffe Place

At Diamond Construction Ltd, we carry out a variety of projects. No matter how much the odds can be stacked against us, we’ll always deliver a satisfying result. The house at Retcliffe Place 6 was built in a standard Victorian style, so we were tasked with bringing in some much needed light. We had no problem coming up with a smart, efficient solution for this, effortlessly coming up with a smooth, organic way to bring in more light while maintaining a Victorian spirit. We then moved on to the basement, where we added an extra room. The roles and decor of the rooms were switched around to make the end result much more practical than what it was before while also enhancing the home’s looks.

  • 6 Retcliffe Place Diamond Constructions Ltd Modern Kitchen
  • 6 Retcliffe Place Diamond Constructions Ltd Modern Bathroom