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Stanford Residence

Situated in a 1960's suburban neighborhood, this modest home operates as a dynamic middle ground between the immediate domestic landscape and the surrounding Bay Area foothills. Responding to adjacent houses and sloped topography, the new structure cradles an existing majestic ash tree and creates a protected rear garden for play and repose. The top level of this new residence is the heart of the home, providing a family of four with a kitchen/dining/and living room that fully embrace the natural landscape. To the North an intimate dining courtyard extends off the kitchen and to the South the living room hovers over the garden capturing remarkable views of the rolling hills of Stanford. A children’s study area is nestled adjacent to the kitchen while being bathed in natural light from the adjoining stair hall. Parallel running walls organize space, bridging the interior space to the exterior and directing one's vision through the house to the view beyond. The lower level is primarily dedicated to the bedrooms with the master bedroom fully immersed within the surrounding garden. As requested by the client, the pallet of the house is driven by the warmth of wood and complimented by saturated accent walls. A combination of bamboo, cherry wood, and cedar are strategically integrated into the design to take advantage of the natural properties of the respective species.

Total dimensions
300 sq ft (Area)
Stanford, California
Total cost