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Park House

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Projects & Spaces


It is a house for a couple located in a residential area of Tokyo.

Although a site is about 46 square meters and surrounded by buildings, there is a park across the street with full of green.

I started to think about creating a comfortable space where the attraction of park extends into.

A living room and a bedroom are in the 2nd floor, and an entrance, a storage room and wet areas are located in the 1st floor.

Through an opened window in one wall surface of living room, people can view the scenery of park which is trimmed off by the street scene.

The richness of park extends to all over the house through the cylinder-shaped open space in the 2nd floor, and stairs with a light impression which look like thin plates appearing from the wall.

Though the house has limitation of 27 square meters・building area, a cozy and relaxed living is achieved.

Location : Tokyo, Japan

Use : Private House

Building Area : 27.57sqm

Total Floor Area : 40.88sqm

Structure and Scale : Timber structure, 2 stories

Year : 2012

Architects : anotherAPARTMENT LTD.

Structural Engineer : Nieda+Hisaeda Architecture

Photographs : Koichi Torimura

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