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Hotel EME in Seville, Spain

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EME fusion hotel is the result of the aggregation of various places built in the sixteenth century in typical Sevillian style. The buildings are of different sizes and heights, of irregular composition and rich in historical and cultural references. In restyling the structure, the constructional elements and the finish of the unique internal halls have been excellently recovered to act as backdrop for modern furnishings of various styles. Indeed the term “fusion” refers to this mix of styles cohabiting in a modern interior design which, however, contains certain materials, finishes and furnishings that evoke the symbols of Andalusian popular traditions. But “fusion” also represents a new concept in hotels able to “mix” and thus offer their guests different experiences in entertainment and relaxation: restaurants, lounge bars, roof clubs, spas and many flexible spaces for infinite functionality. The intervention rigorously respected and maintained the different morphologies of each of the buildings and this itself constitutes a strong characteristic of the project. Indeed one of the conditions imposed by the Casco, the Spanish body which safeguards historic heritage, was that the identity and proportions or each individual “finca” be preserved, and although these are part of the same urban context, with classic Sevillan architectural elements – circumference walls, patio, central staircase – they are, in fact, different form arch other.

The conversion to a hotel thus retained all these different architectural elements which are part of the city’s artistic heritage, and planned a single structural modification, the construction of a kind of “circular ring” which joins the various entrances, creating a great open-air central patio which represents the logistic and distributional core of the whole project”.

The interior design was entrusted to two décor artists, Sandra Tarruella and Isabel López. Their works express a capacity to successfully marry avant-garde and tradition in original and neat stylistic representations, such as in the apparent contrast of certain materials.

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