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We use dark walnut to make our washstands which results in a modern look that contrasts perfectly with the natural feel of the stone basins.

  • Stonearth - Walnut Venice set Stonearth Interiors Ltd Modern Bathroom

    Stonearth— Walnut Venice set

    Venice - wall hung drawer solid wood washstands

    This luxurious range has contemporary credentials, thanks to its balanced, streamlined design. The floating, wall-hung furniture gives bathrooms the ultimate wet-room look. And although the range is elegant and slim-line, it has deep drawers, so it really maxes out your storage space. Plus, our soft-close blum runners mean draws close softly and silently.

    HORIZON BASINS - seamless rectangular stone inset basins

    Integrate the whole look with this inset basin crafted from single blocks of granite or marble.

    We know exceptional craftsmen make exceptional designs. And thanks to the expertise of our talented stonemasons, we can shape fabulous curves into our stone basins, which other bathroom companies

    wouldn’t even attempt.

  • Walnut For Petite Rooms Stonearth Interiors Ltd Modern Bathroom Wood

    Walnut For Petite Rooms

    Truro Basin

    The Turro Basin is made from a single block of beige travertine. The beautiful textured pattern gives the basin an outdoor/nature feel, which adds character to any bathroom.

    Walnut Finesse washstand stand

    The walnut contrasts perfectly with the lighter shade of the stone to create a stunning contemporary yet classic design that will look good in any sized room.

  • Stonearth Walnut Finesse Stonearth Interiors Ltd Modern Bathroom Solid Wood

    Stonearth Walnut Finesse

    Finesse Washstand Medium

    Large sturdy walnut washstand with plenty of storage space.

    Kara Basin

    The black granite stone is a perfect accompaniment for walnut as it contrasts beautiful to create a chic finish. The Kara design is also simplistic, elegant and the perfect design for a modern look.

    Standing Storage Cabinet

    The storage cabinets are very popular. They supply the perfect resolution for any bathroom storage problems whilst at the same time bringing a modern look which matches the bathroom finish. Our storage solutions such as these help to make bathrooms tidier, mess free and bursting with character.

  • Full Bathroom Walnut Finesse Range Stonearth Interiors Ltd Modern Bathroom Solid Wood

    Full Bathroom Walnut Finesse Range

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    The image shows how the full walnut range can work to create a stunning room that would make the perfect sanctuary. The extra large finesse washstand with the double Roma basins works well to create a his and hers style room. Meanwhile the white of the bath completely contrasts the dark room to create a modern, chic and stylish large bathroom. Our large mirrors also help in matching our woods whilst creating that look of even more space by lightening up a room.