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CieMatic is a mature solution provider for custom solid wood wine storage products, such as wine cellar racking, wine cabinet
Modica Since 1981 Srl
Modica Enoteca Online offers you a selection of the best Italian wines, prosecco and spirits from small bio artisan producers
Showine progetta e realizza cantine conservazione vino, sia per privati che per enoteche, wine bar, ristoranti e aziende
Datron | Cantinette vino
Lo SHOP ONLINE di Cantinette vino per tutti ambienti domestici e professionali.  Da più di 25 anni Datron unisce
Garrafeiros - Adegas para Vinho
A loja Garrafeiros é especializada em suportes para garrafas de vinho. Trabalhamos com suportes de design inovador e exclusivo
Volo Vinis
A VOLO VINIS é constituída por uma equipa experiente em soluções de design eficazes, que partilha paixões por tradições
Jahn Gewölbebau GmbH
Im Jahre 1993 gründete Josef Jahn die Firma Jahn Gewölbebau als Weinkellerbaumeister. Das Unternehmen ist Spezialist im
Spiral Cellars
With 35 years of knowledge and expertise under their belts, and having created more than 3,800 luxury wine cellars in the
Degré 12
Caves et armoires à vin sur mesure et modulables. Degré 12 ... une autre vision de la cave à vin.  Aménagement de cave à
Cave do Vinho
Design e produção de adegas, garrafeiras e caves para armazenamento de vinho. Parceiros da Spiral Cellars, com exportação
Gibeli Refrigeração
A Gibeli refrigeração esta no mercado a 25 anos fazendo um trabalho de excelência , Visando sempre a satisfação dos clientes
Millesime Wine Racks
Riche d'une solide et fascinante expérience dans l'industrie de la cave à vin, nous croyons qu'il était temps d'innover
Wine at Home te presenta la oportunidad de tener un espacio donde mantener tus vinos a la temperatura perfecta bajo un nuevo
Dragon Cellars es una empresa dedicada al diseño, fabricación y montaje de bodegas/cavas  de vino realizadas exclusivamente
Pietro Romano
Cheers è l'innovativo diffusore acustico ad alta fedeltà di brevettato da Exend.  Lo studio e i test acustici
 Douelledereve / Eco design construction
Créations et réalisations artisanales, éco-conçues à partir de douelles de tonneaux de grand vins une collection sur :
Diogenes Gebr. Pramstaller KG
Weinkeller Profi Spezialisiert auf den bau von Weinkellern, Weinräume
WeinWerk Klimascout
Gegründet wurde das Unternehmen WeinWerk Berlin im Jahre 2009 von der Weinliebhaberin Katharina Strenski. Sie lernte das
WITS è un sito e-commerce dove vengono offerti portabottiglie originali da tavolo e da parete. Il nostro team si compone
Weinkellermanufaktur Welz
Die Weinkeller - Manufaktur Bernd Welz hat sich auf die traditionelle Bauweise von Weinkellern aus Sandstein spezialisiert

Wine Cellar

An absolute must have in all homes – hic – how else does one get through the day without spending an hour pondering which vintage Sancerre to enjoy that particular evening? It’s a ritual: a necessary meditation, to wander down some form of meticulously designed staircase and into the utter tranquillity of your own wine cellar.

Are there specialist cellar designers and builders?

Now, you could of course go to a regular architect and request a wine cellar to be designed, and you may find yourself lucky in the fact that your particular choice knows a thing or two about wine cellars; maybe from a personal love for wine, or perhaps experience in creating wine cellars in the past, or, you can guarantee a good and properly designed wine cellar from specific designers and builders of such rooms.

There are specialists in almost any field these days and wine cellar creation is no different. There are countless cellar designers and specific companies that exist purely to create and custom build just that. Understanding your own personal needs as a wine collector (or ambitious amateur) and drawing up specifications to suit.

Where can I find wine cellar designers?

Searching homify’s professionals tab will unveil thousands of home professionals to choose from, from the obvious to the very much more specific, such as wine cellar designers and builders. Simply enter your zip code and the type of professional you’re looking for and then just skim through completed projects of the shown results.

If for any reason this doesn’t yield your required results, you can always start a discussion and receive responses from both experts and other site users. Just explain what you’re looking for and where you’re based and use our community for answers.

How much should I budget for a wine cellar?

As with any building project, this depends on a number of things. Your home may need to be further stabilized in order to build a cellar, or perhaps you already have a sizeable cellar and simply need the design implementing. Offer your plans to a cellar designer and they’ll inform you of what’s possible and what individual costs will be incurred for completing your desired project.

Always ensure you get a written breakdown of costs so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. This is also useful for bargaining as if you can make sure certain preparatory work is already complete at a minimal expense, or perhaps can offer to help with finishing or aesthetic work, you may be able to get a reduced price.

How long would it take to build a wine cellar?

As with the above, this depends on your plans and possibilities with what you already have in place. If extra excavation work is required, of course the design and build will take longer than if you simply need some storage space implementing or simple plaster and paintwork. An experienced designer will be able to offer you good estimates on timing of each stage of the build prior to the project’s commencement, including potential pitfalls which might delay the work.

So, all that’s between you and your dream wine cellar is finding the right person for the job. Using homify as your gateway to the best home professionals possible couldn’t be simpler, with tabs linking you to different room styles and specific professionals, you’re just a few clicks from completing your project.

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