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There is a lot more to the tiling profession than you may realise. From the training they receive to the tools they use, there is much to learn. On this page, you will find information on where to find the perfect tiler, how they spend their time and how much their services will cost you.

What is a Tiler?

An average working day for a tiler includes covering walls or floors with tiles, whether this is in a bathroom or a kitchen. They may also work on a shop, hotel or restaurant too. To be a good at the work, your professional with be both accurate and have a number of skills. Every day, they need to work out their costs and quantities of materials they will need for a specific project. Some professionals are also experienced with mosaic patterns and can design and finish rooms in a way which you are unable to do yourself.

In order to become a tiler, most people begin working as a labourer. During this time, they can express an interest in working with tiles and then many people are trained by their employer while on the job. However, there are also courses on construction which can be followed in order to receive the skills needed, but this is not necessary. There are no set entry requirements for this job but an average college course may include a level one diploma in wall and floor tiling.

Tools used by this professional include:

-    Hand Cutters - these are used in order to create the right size and shape for tiles so that they fit in a specific place.

-    Tile Scribe – used to score glazed surfaces on tiles. This is so it is easy to break them along the scribe line.

-    Tile Cutter – as explained in the name, a tile cutter is used to make sure the tiles are the right shape. This is usually a lot bigger than a hand cutter and uses a wheel to control the cutting.

-    Tile Trowel – this applies adhesive to a notched spreader.

-    Grouting Spreader – used to spread grout across tiles and also between the spaces created by tiles too.

What Type of Tilers Exist?

If you are hoping to find a tiler to work on a complex mosaic pattern, then it is important to make sureyou find someone who is properly trained. However, for this profession, there are not any sub-divisions within the role. Most people will find they need to hire one of these professionals if they are hoping for tiles in a room as they work is difficult to do well if you do not have training or experience. An average professional earns between £17,000 and £23,000. You are likely to be required to pay your professional per project, however, you could choose to pay them for an hour too.

When exactly do I need a Tiler?

There are many different scenarios as to when you may need to hire a tiler. Firstly, if you have recently redone your bathroom or kitchen, then you are likely to want a professional to make sure everything looks great together and is finished properly.

Another scenario is if you are a business owner and you are hoping to create a mosaic pattern if your restaurant, café or business. You will need to a hire a professional as they will be able to do the work properly and quickly.

Depending on the size of the project, you may either need a professional for a short period of time, such as just a few hours, but more likely you may need someone for a couple of weeks.

Why do I really need a Tiler?

Scenarios in which you are likely to need a professional include; if you do not have the skills needed towork on the tiles in your home, which is very likely. DIY tiling jobs can appear very amateur and they may make larger mess in your home than if you had simply paid the money in the first place.

Another great reason for a hiring a professional is that they will be able to save you a lot of time andyour home is likely to be finished in a much quicker time. This is a huge benefit for anyone who is adding the final touches to a build.

Where can I find a perfect tiler?

You will find that homify is the best place to find a professional in your area. You can use the search tools to find tilers in your area and then simply check out their profile to make sure they are right for you. Here you will find information on their Facebook page, their reviews and also any contact details you require too. Always make sure to read the reviews of your chosen professional to ensure they have a good track record.

How to Hire a Tiler?

It is extremely important that your tiler has enough experience with similar projects, so before you hire them, make sure you ask to speak to previous clients. Once you have done this, and checked their portfolio, you are likely to be able to hire them happily!

Work Load:

A regular professional is likely to work around 37 to 45 hours a week. They will work between Monday toFriday. However, during long projects, a tiler is likely to be expected to work overtime in order to meet any tight deadlines.

As tiling is very physically demanding, it is important to hire someone who is up to the task of heavy lifting. They are usually provided with protective safety clothing, especially when they are working adhesives and grout. They will travel from different sites and spent time overnight if they are having to work away from home.


As a guideline, you are likely to find that trainees earn £14,000 a year. However, once they are qualified, you will find that they can earn anywhere between £17,000 and £23,000. Once they have enough experience and a lot more responsibility, a supervisor is likely to earn around £25,000 and £30,000.

It is worth keeping in mind the fact that, tilers will be paid more for any overtime, or shift allowances. They are also likely to receive yearly bonuses too. However, this is only aguideline and can change depending on the professional and their experience.


Overall, you will find that a tiler is someone who is invaluable when you are finishing your home and hoping to complete it to a professional level. They are likely to have been trained on the job and will be someone who you can trust to make your home look beautiful!

What Other Professionals Do I Need?


A gardener is another professional who is not required to have a diploma or degree, but their work is based on having the know-how and experience required to make sure your garden is perfectly finished. They will know which time of the year to plant specific shrubs, plants or flowers to make your garden bloom all year round!

Kitchen Planner

A kitchen planner is the first person you should call if you are intending on remodelling or renovating your kitchen. You will find that they are the perfect person to make your kitchen the heart of your home and they will keep in mind all of your needs.


The first step before a professional can train to be a tiler is to become a labourer. They are likely to be strong people as the job is very physically demanding. Once you have started working with an architect, they will be likely to provide you with contacts for labourers, or you can equally find trustworthy people on homify too.